How to do Web promotion without investing money ?

This is a plan to promote a website without spending money. As always, remember to NOT spend money on professionals and services that we make life easier and more effective work can be more expensive than if you invest, and typically do so.
The weather is almost always worth more than money and certainly has more important things to do both inside and outside your business. The only good thing to invest money is not much to be learned on the road. In short, the economy and demand is often not possible investment.
The plan I divided into 4 points:
2.   Mission and purpose
3.  Actions (communities, blogs, to post, video marketing)
4.  Organization


1. Objectives

1. Drive traffic to the site
2. Getting links to improve search engine positioning
3. Let us know, we created a brand that's how people look and "feel" our website.
Two goals that go together:
Create content and participate in other sites to let through the links in signatures or texts people visit our web site and search engines detect that "speak" (links) from us on other sites (authority). This authority is to improve our position.
A goal that is the bottom or base:
Everything you type on the Internet so others will see that we act for us to see how we want others to see our website how we want to see? ...

2. Mission and purpose

Before doing any promotion action must be clear (burned into the genitals) your mission and purpose. The sight would ask what you intend with your promotion?, But that does not work because you have to get to the bottom of the matter what you intend your business or your website?
Let's say the typical web that sells a business opportunity MLM and ask what you intend your business?
"Make Money" he heh he
The mission and purpose should be to your client, not yours. If you want to sell something then give the customer what they want. Nobody cares that you get rich.
Let us ... what you intend your business?
"What my clients make money the mission and purpose must be realistic, make money with a MLM or similar is not realistic like that.
And her ... what do you intend your business?
"We are a group of experienced professionals and we are at your disposal to offer guidance in terms of both choice and value opportunities and to develop them successfully"
He eheheh  ... that's better but continues to laugh, but can respond to what our customers want: to find something serious and profitable into the dark world of business from home and MLM’s.
The mission and purpose must always be in the mind of the seller when making any kind of promotion. This must always be oriented to serve the customer, what he has in his head. Forget what you have in yours.
Finally ... What do you want with your business or your website? ...
Now it's get to thinking...


Communities and social networks

One of the actions to promote a website is comunicades participation in virtual places where people interact around a theme. Mainly social bookmarking, social networks and forums.

The theme, similar themes to choose where they can walk our future customers. Marketing, business, mlm, opportunities, personal development, etc, etc. The key is to act in the community in keeping with the theme of this. For example, in a community do not talk talk about marketing your product, talk about marketing. Integrate in the community. If a community of spammers, just spam, but perhaps this is not the best community.

Search these sites. It is thrown hours browsing and searching. When searching and not finding much learning is going to look. I know that social networks are well known but I would go further to specific sites thematically. Clear that the general networks are also an option.

Register and write it down. All communities require registration. It is important that once you register notes in a data list that community, so you can create a work plan and return to the community to have a constant activity.

Involved. Regularly participate is bringing something to the conversations of communities, integrated contributions to the theme and style of the community or network. It is not once and ready to participate in these sites is to carry a constant activity.

Whitewash. In these communities, links will be mostly signatures or profiles, so here we must not consider that keywords in the link and we'll include our web address.


Deserve separate section blogs. With the feedback we can say ours in relation to the posts written and promote our website through our contributions. The other blogs are a great place to be seen.

Again the issue. Looking to write and read blogs that your potential customers. Adapt your style and contributions to the topics covered.

Search. Google is a search engine for blogs, blogs are usually advertise other blogs, the commenters have a blog, etc, etc ... search.

Sign up or not and point. Subscribe to whom you want and all points in order to create a list with which to work when you need it.

Discuss. To comment on a post should be read before. Here you also have to carry a constant activity as blogs are, among other things, currently.

Links. Then where it says name put the name there. Some people say that is called "business opportunity." It's ridiculous. When you comment in a blog you have to put your name, your email and web address. In this case you can change the fate of the links (to your main page, your profile, some items related to the topic of the post, etc). You can also include text links in the comments, but they are blogs that complement what you're saying.

Places to post notes and articles

Sites include your articles and notes, this is where you can make a more strategic links work.Article directories, free sites where you can create a blog or a website, social networking sites, press releases, publish blogs where posts of others (guest bloggers) ...

Site selection and quality content. The quality is not to write the Quixote, but to be faithful to your mission and purpose, just write something that may be relevant and useful to others.The big mistake is to believe that we have nothing interesting to say. This is a mistake and a lie.

Search. More of the same ... searching and searching ... and to assess which sites are most popular and related to our topic. This when there are sites created for you, then adapt yourself to the topic you want to promote your website.

Registration and record. Log in to sites and point them to use the list in our action plan continued.

Writing and publishing. Writing is the same as talking with a friend or to think ... so it's easy.Do not forget the mission and purpose. Shows what you do, give your User Input, news reports here ... more than keep a constant activity (also), is to publish in as many sites as possible.

Links. On these sites we sign our letters but more interesting is that we create in our own way. Here you will study for which keywords you want to position your website for you to use as anchor text links.

Video marketing

There are hundreds of sites where you can upload your videos, this can be a very creative and effective way to promote a website. Videos where you talk and show images, video tutorials, videos and music, etc ... any format can be a good way to promote your website.

Perhaps the key is the creativity of your videos in order to harness the viral effect. What is striking and useful videos will be proportional to traffic bring it to your web.

Search. There is life beyond YouTube.

Register and props. In all these sites you need to register first and as always I recommend you make a list for the issue of organization.

Creating and publishing. With your camera, with the web cam or with programs, you can easily create videos for later editing and uploading to video sites. It is important to personalize your videos with your web address or anything else that identifies you.

Links. Here you can leave your link active on the description of the videos; in most sites these links will become active only if you put at the beginning of the description text. It Will be the easiest way to get people to your website.

4. Organization and methodology

I am the most cluttered and disorganized in the world but sometimes you have to hide...

The best thing to do web promotion is to dedicate a sacred space of time daily. It is sacred because it might win big money with our website, imagine...
Every day, for example taking an hour although this time we do not at first almost nothing because we will be looking first, analyzing and situated. The question is to be patient and persevering in learning and action.
If you spend an hour at these actions, one hour without interruption and with strict attention, and you do every day, in a few months mastering the topic of web promotion and you will know the sites and techniques that give you better results, thus ruling out what does not work for ever more effective work.
It is also important to spend such a day to every action and writing to keep track of all actions taken, hence my recommendation of you note all the sites where you register and publish or participate, because then you can set a roadmap that will make things easier, if not very likely to miss.
While you are more organized and methodical as the best results have web promotion, once you clear the purpose of your website and your strategy, it is a chore, though of course involves a creative side.

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