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On the Internet every day, millions are being implemented by €. Long ago, the Internet has established itself as a separate market and is considered one of the future markets. With the popularity of the Internet as an advertising, sales and service platform, but also increases the amount of providers that go through Internet presence to customers fishing.

This makes it especially difficult for small businesses, the competition was to keep! Often lack the necessary know-how and it is not enough seed money available to attract enough visitors to the websites and the offered services and inspiring information. One can see again and again: No matter how well you elaborates an idea and no matter how good you become established in a market segment that quickly is there anyone give more know-how and more seed capital applies and thus expanding his advantage more effectively to go on visitors catch. 
This report is intended to represent the main types of free advertising on the Internet (aside from the search engines) and give small businesses (or individuals) an overview of how to win (even with limited financial means) visitors to the website so the website more popular and make it more effective! 
1). Understanding: why a visitor is a customer for a long time! 

The collapse of the new market has shown one thing: Even the Internet can be earned by building castles in the air no money! The arrogance, which entered with the turn of the millennium the number of companies market to their part of the big "E-commerce pie" to cut off long ago ceased. 
However, the fact that now disillusionment does is not to be equated with the return on sales figures of the Internet and do business on the Internet do business. Quite the contrary, the sales are increasing and more and more Internet users are now willing to buy on the Internet and handle their transactions online. But one thing has, in contrast to the "Internet Hype" at the end of the 90s of the 20th Last century: a long time it is no longer only a simple Web page to run the internet to put up comfortably in his chair and watch while the user a tear away the products under your fingers. 
Rather, the situation on the Internet has "normalized". She has adapted to the events of the known economic behavior and that means above all, without indigenous concepts is also nothing. Those who simply operates just a website; it enters in a few search engines and hoped the next day to be by advertisements millionaire who will be disappointed angry. 
Before today will present the web, creative ideas, sophisticated marketing concepts and appropriate marketing strategies to be developed. Therefore you should not start so early at least twice with a paper in a quiet corner to share, to consider "What basically do my website?". 
Such considerations include (after the one himself clear about is what is actually offered), above all, the classification of the target group. A statement like "My page is for women aged 18 - attended 45 years now and also lost a man on my side" will not bring much. Consider, therefore, exactly what you offer and appeal to whomever you want. Narrow this target group as far as possible and write it down. 
About one thing we have to be clear: No visitor comes to pictures of you and your car to see (unless you are a top model, but I believe that we can confidently exclude). This is called: The contents of a web page to specify how visitors will be there for you. Each user of the worldwide data network is a task or a goal in the data lines. Let's because he wants to buy something because it seeks information or because he wants to be just chat! The content and structure of a web page finally decide on the turnover of the webmaster and should therefore websites are maintained. 
Maintain the content of your pages and maintain the appearance of your pages: Here lies the real capital of a web page. Be sure to design a page so that the user feels comfortable to you and the user to right place. Make sure that your site structure so clear is that each user has a clear view and the (above) tasks - can run - because of where he is in power. 
This is where a very important movement, which many website owners, unfortunately, all too often neglected and unwisely remains: If a visitor is far from being a customer! The number that your counter is displaying a (comparatively) poor instrument for the success of a commercial side to be measured. A few thousand views per day can be any page where the webmaster can easily book cheap advertising pop-ups and his side can show here, but he does what? Visitors bring him something, maybe even annoyed "because again, a window is popped"? Of course not. 
to measure a much greater determinant to the success of a website called the "conversion rate" is! This refers to the percentage of visitors who will actually become customers. As far as the conversion rate, see the web's still very dark out. It is just too frightening to hear that only 30% of all shopping on the Internet attempts are successful. The remaining 70% fail because visitors do not find the right products, because there is insufficient or incorrect information because the payment options are inadequate or because the users simply lack confidence in the web page! This means in theory could be (for more efficient and user-friendly design of the Internet offers) entering up to 70% more sales - and are perfectly adapted, without advertising, just by the offers to the user! 
Many people now prefer to go into big stores, if you are buying. Instead of buying the jeans in a store, you go to a big discount! You wonder what that has to do with the subject. It's simple: Here we can draw a good parallel to the Internet to another problem for webmasters to attract attention! When I go into a little shop, it takes only a few seconds until the first seller like a fly sticks to me and me trying to sell us something - that's why many people go to big chains. Here you can compare broadcast alone, and leave the store without losing face (without buying something). The Internet is like! On most pages a visitor is no more than a count of the counter. We know nothing about our customers and we know nothing about its characteristics, preferences and interests: it is anonymous and just a click away from all potential competitors, which present themselves to you on the web. 
Not for nothing haunt for years terms such as "Customer relationship management" and "personalized web services" in relevant textbooks. The main message is always the same: the colorful packaging of a product is no longer enough! The customer must be prominent and his needs must be met! 
For me this is one of the most important factors which "Business" on the Internet is concerned. This is also the reason why I write here so rambling and I have somewhat distanced from the subject. But we come back to: Advertising and Promotion! 
2). Exchange visitors

Traffic exchange systems are based on the idea that the webmaster of a page a lot of other sites look, with these pages comes into contact with them engaged in the short and wins the final interest in these pages. In exchange for his interest in a page, he gets the opportunity to make his own page on the system display and allow the other visitors to tell his side.
Technically, the whole is often implemented in a way that one party in the logs and stores the personal data the URL to his site. In the members to find you a link to a small tool which displays the pages of other members (random). Looking at the pages of other members for a certain period (eg 30 seconds each side) and for each page that you looked at (and where the countdown is finished gone from 30 to 0) we get credited Advertisement. Sometimes here, the ratio of a given sight to the displayed or not is 1:1, but in 10:9 or similar, this is "ratio" as described (ie for 10 pages view, I can put my page in 9 other users show). 
The disadvantages of this system are obvious: you indeed get a large number of hits when you participate effectively in the system and is committed, but the quality of these visitors is in question. In my view, these are also not "exchanged" visitors, but much more "exchanged hits. The term "visitor" I associate always someone who comes in its own interests to one side and here is interested in the contents. In this case, but most people use the tool to view or click in the background and there are certainly one or the other way to cheat on such a system. Very few participants of such a system will really show serious interest in the faded pages and even if you do it, time is often not sufficient to to set a bookmark or to remember how this page is. 
Most vendors now assigned a certain "start points" that you should make it easier to Advertise - you get already credited at the registration system, some side inserts. The higher the initial impressions are, the better it is natural for you. If you are interested in visitors who spend more with your side, of course, a higher fade time of your pages is interesting. Here the participants have longer possible to deal with the sides (but you also have to consider the other pages longer). 
Especially one who is bent on his counter as drive up (to better perhaps to other people to sell advertising on your own site), for which this should be a good and interesting advertising opportunity, but real customer is here to win probably be very difficult ! 
3). Mail exchange

Another PR funds are so-called mail exchange systems. Again, you log in using your data. You get promotional emails from the other participants that you (the link is available in the promotional emails) with a link to click to confirm. Please link click, the page is displayed and advertised again, you have to look at the advertised page a few seconds to get credited for points. The collected points can then redeem their own spam. 
The system is actually a bit more sense, because this is advertising by e-mail associated with a visitor exchange. The advertiser has the same advertise twice the chance (namely through the blending of advertising texts and the display of the web pages). However, it will also often be the case that the participants click the confirmation link (without having read the text on advertising) and ship the page in the background until the time is up. 
Some of this mail exchange systems offer an interesting bonus concept (where, for example, all x have insertions display a link to the one hits the jackpot and get more points credited to his account). It certainly promotes the interest of the participants in the program and ensures that you maybe more often looks at the on-screen pages. Here too, there's often a start-score, which can then be converted into advertising mail. 
4. The classical way: banner, button, pop-up and link exchange

is the banner and link exchange it for as long as there is the internet and for me it's going to come around one of the best ways to cheap to new (and interested) visitors. The system is simple: "You blind a link to my page and I link to your visor on". 
For a long time, there are a lot of vendors that supply such systems. But the best is still the private link exchange! Just pick a handful of well-made Web sites deal with the same topic as you do it and contact the webmaster if he would be interested in such a link exchange. Soon you will surely find suitable partners. Make it a bit to be involved at which point the links. If you yourself have a well-visited page, you should not just show the links of a poorly visited page on the home page of their website (it's worth it just too much for them). 
However, visitor’s differences (and thus the quality of the displayed links) will be eliminated. If your site is not visited as good, hide the link to the partners on the home page of simple, while your partner placed the link on one of its sub-pages (which has approximately the same amount of views as your website). Including partnerships are possible, if your site is still small. 
A link, button or banner exchange offers good opportunities, especially for small websites. The visitors who come simply by clicking on a banner or a link are, interested, and therefore more valuable than the visitors who come as a visitor exchange. Yes finally call their pages on a voluntary basis. 
If I (personally) a layout, then I plan to always have some room somewhere with a register to add links to exchange partners can be. These are then usually visible on all sides and be placed so that they can also be seen. This makes the advertising more interesting and valuable place for my partner, so I would rather be able to find partners! 
By the way, with banners, you can expect that about 1-3% of visitors click on your banner (if it is displayed according to a suitable location). For buttons, this value should be somewhat smaller and somewhat less and is perhaps the link exchange. However, take away and left little space, so you can make a lot of exchange partnerships and offset possible adverse effects from the mass. 
If you have found an exchange partner, please send him best, like the whole HTML code of the link or banner by email. You can thus control which text of the link is and how the link is shown graphically. 
As already mentioned, there are many providers who have the principle of the Link / banner / button exchange (and for the exchange of pop, there are vendors) taken advantage of. Here you can login and enter your information together a banner or a button. For each overlay you have on your side working to get credited with points. You can then in turn invest in Advertisement on other pages here too there's usually a ratio (shown as 10 banner on your page = 9 impressions of your banner on other sites. This ratio is often referred to as a ratio). When viewed in the insertion of a banner on your page in addition to the banner you often get extra points credited. Even with these systems there are usually some starting points that you can convert into real banner ads. 
Especially in these systems, you should be careful to choose a system that allows an accurate classification of the target group. So it should give you the opportunity to select what is displayed on your pages banner ("Pc Games", "Free" ...). The more accurate to classify the target group in the system, the more effective the banner will be. 
Also make sure that the provider does not allow any banners or any button. If a provider checks all links and banners before they released the system on, you can be sure that a piece will appear on your pages, no crap, that could hurt your image afterwards. Still applies here: make the best kind of attention that is hidden behind the banner of any content of the page, but that of an external partner. 
5. Link Lists / top lists ... 

The main reason why many people still surf the Internet to obtain information. Somehow you have to but yeah get at the information and that led to the increased production of engines, portals and link lists. 
As in a commercial telephone directory here are a lot of promotional items (links, title, short description ...) available and visitors who want information from a subject area, can find a whole variety of vendors with a few clicks. Often the free entry into such link lists. The provider deserves by inserting advertisements and visitors like to take up the offer to rummage around in here and click one or the other interesting links. 
Make yourself the trouble and then watching to see if there is not some web directories or link lists, which could be a link and a brief description fit your page. Join everywhere you go one free. Each link and each link is one insertion could become a new visitor (or even to a new customer) of your website. As the visitors click on the links and look for volunteer probably due to the information about the site hits are generated through such link lists of great value and quality to be considered. Thus: The more entries you make the better! Pay attention to the fact that you have to provide any possible consideration (imagine once they sign up in 20 lists of links and each would have to post a banner on the home page). Read carefully, therefore, the rules and conditions of the provider. 
Top lists build, to any Advertisement banners or pop-ups. These are dynamic lists. The point at which your banner (or link it) appears in these lists, you alone: The more visitors (from you) get on the list, the higher up your link is located and the higher the better. Since all other participating sites refer to the list a number of unique visitors coming to the toplist and click their way hopefully straight on to another page of the list (the higher up a page is, the greater then is the chance here to get clicks). Sorry, make that often pop Toplists Advertisement compulsory and there is every now and then someone who is abused by using tools and things like the system (for example, and generates artificial check out the rating to continue to stand up). Therefore, many seem frivolous and Toplists generally have a rather bad reputation. 
6. Advertise everywhere ... 

Do not miss the chance to draw attention anywhere in your website. Each entry in the guest book (which you define as your link) and every posting in a forum (in its signature is the link to your website) will help that new visitors to your web pages. 
Therefore, often times posting in forums and mention you in passing your address (for example, about the signature). Make sure always that you post no bullshit or only "moderate-spam" posts that do not contain any information other than the link to your website. Instead, post in communities that are dealing with the same topic as your site, write informative articles and enter a reference to other information your link. So sure can find some interested users. 
The signature in emails should include your link. Whenever you write an email you do so automatically equal a little advertising. 
7. The rest ... 

If you use a provider to advertise (for example, a mail exchange provider), you always pay attention to the so-called media data. Here you can see statistics about the system and can see for example, how many registered users and active users, or which target group they belong. If a system with only 10 registered users they have such high insertion rates and even the great start credit promise: If only 10 people have registered, you will not more than 10 people can win for your pages! 
With any kind of advertising you should make sure that you appeal to their target audience and satisfy. If you offer on your pages, recipes and their home-made plum cake, the inclusion of advertising on a website for PC games will probably not be as effective as the fading love on other sites with the same target group (But who knows, maybe Game Freaks your plum cake? ). 
Watch out when working out the advertising (eg banner ads) that you meet the needs of the target group. Basically, to say the larger fonts, flashy colors or images are perceived more quickly. Do not write too much text. A picture is worth a 1000 words! Pictures may look like form elements, the user may move to more time to click on a banner. Animations can also draw attention to it. But, the banner must not take up too much space, otherwise you may be excluded by some systems (there's often such restrictions: Your banner must not have more than 12 KB) or the loading of banners takes so long for the visitor base has been called the next and your banner has not even see. 
All beginnings are difficult: The free advertising on the Internet, this basic principle is particularly true. It is not simply a website to make it known, but if you have to try having a good side and can win some people, then it is usually easier at some point, as many visitors recommend your site via mouth advertising. Word gets around faster and faster then that you find good content on your pages: you care so your content and the look of your page is also in terms of mouth advertising is the optimum to achieve! In support of mouth advertising can "Recommendation Scripts" are well on the sides. Registered users can send directly to a form a prefabricated recommendation email to friends and acquaintances. 
Also, do not forget to take care of the customer loyalty! Visitors coming back and you are faithful, are irreplaceable and a good website stands out among other things, the fact such as "come back" many visitors. A good way to customer retention is the newsletter technology that allows you to make at regular intervals every now and again felt in the mailboxes of your visitors! 

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