Monetize the site through advertising: The 3 things you MUST know!

Google AdSense, Contextual ads. Advertising. CPC. CPM. All these words remind you of something? Normal. Advertising is the medium case most often used by webmasters. This is not always the most effective. So how to make the right choice?
There are only three ways to succeed on the web site by monetizing through advertising ...
To generate income worthy of the name through advertising, you must have:
  • A site large audience (preferably) well segmented and qualified. Avoid general topics too. Is more segmented, was better.
  • A site centered on a field on a sector of consumption and / or commercial use, and intense competition. Clearly, a subject on which many advertisers are present, have things to sell and want to know. Few (tens of) thousands of monthly visitors will suffice.
  • A site, preferably a leader, on a specific theme relevant to an activity or business sector and having a qualified audience.
If this is not the case. Forget it. Advertising is not for you. But I urge you still to continue reading ... 
Internet advertising as a case of a site or a blog - I mean, to do anything other than 24 cents a day - works only in a limited number of cases I have just made the list. Must still use them the right way...
For there to be advertising in an industry, advertisers must have something to sell there ...
With an audience large enough and targeting your audience well defined - it may be more predominantly composed of AB + is Byzantium! - The first option allows you to secure a place in the sun in an advertising agency worthy of the name. The advantage is that once you're there, there is little to manage. Economy deals sell your advertising space and send you the check at the end of the month. The downside is that building a site that exceeds one million - and even more - visitors monthly, it takes a little time...
The second lets go scratch the side of our friends at Google, especially Google AdSense. Back to good old basics of advertising at the CPC (cost-per-click). With a relatively high density of advertisers on a competitive field (to get high on auction Keyword) conjugated to integrate AdSense well put together, it can guarantee you good money. Finally ensure... everything is relative, it still speaks of Google AdSense and their ability to announce the closure of your account overnight.
Finally, the third will allow you to add another string to your bow ... the solicitation of advertisers! With an audience too small to interest a large advertising board, and a cost of 8 cents to click at Google AdSense, you have an interest in your talents as a speaker and business with advertisers in your area to make them want to advertise on your site. Try if possible to steer contracts priced at the time rather than posting. This will often be more advantageous for you and guarantee a fixed income in a defined period.

And if not, what to do?
If you do not meet all three criteria, drop! Seriously, the web is full of sites at once recouped AdSense ads that bring in 15 cents per day to their owner. And this, simply ... because their site is not meant to be monetized in this manner. Advertising (Google AdSense and even less) is not the answer to every situation. So if these situations remind you something, take time to think seriously about a real appropriate monetization strategy. And forget the advertising as the only alternative case.
And how did you make your choice?

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