WordPress as Content Management System - 10 good reasons

1. Short training time
Anyone ever been with a CMS like Joomla, Drupal, has referred, knows that for the basic operation of an introductory period of distress is already. Then one has a certain idea and special needs, it may be that sooner or later the towel throws and an expert paid for it, adapt the project. As a blogger, I have the advantage of many years of experience and tinkering much as my pocket to know almost WordPress. Training period is omitted, I know what I can achieve with WordPress and I can start immediately.

2. Community
The WordPress community is not least the many bloggers one of the biggest ever, thanks to CMS communities. If it is hooked somewhere and you can not go on, a solution to be found anywhere in the network or a person who has a problem solving help is by. So far I have to "technical issues" with WordPress by "googling" at least one matching reference ever found. If you can not still continue to come, says one problem in the official English-or German-cells to the forum. These are for the Exertion and answers can usually not be waiting long.

3. SEO
WordPress from home is already search engine friendly. Manual modifications and adjustments are in principle not necessary. Google like WordPress and speaks clear recommendation for the use of the CMS one. Who the maximum from the on page SEO want to get optimization, also used another SEO plugin such as wpSEO (Tip! is used on this blog :) ), Or the not so rich, but for free all-in-One SEO Pack.

4. Plugins
The mass of Plugins for WordPress is unbelievable. For any other CMS, there are so many free extensions, apps, tools, or whatever you want to call it. Plug-ins can be simple WordPress blog into a real Community a pimp. You can plug all the forums and members-only areas integrate with, but only small changes also perform. I know (almost) nothing to do with WordPress Plugins. Plugins can be effortlessly integrated into WordPress, and many are updated regularly and are popular, as with some other CMS, almost no security risk there.

5. Custom Fields
Let's talk about technical side. What makes the WordPress blogging system into a real CMS? First there is the so-called "Custom Fields". Since WordPress version 2.5 integrated already, (to be user-defined fields of Otto-Normal-bloggers including me) will be happy with contempt punished. Many bloggers do not even know what these fields are good and think that they need not be. Those who look further into Custom Fields employs knows what potential behind these fields, a plug for. For my project, I realized with a WordPress 3.0 Multi-User instance, the plugin Gravity Forms and Custom Fields a company directory. Companies can Gravity Forms a company record (so to speak, as an article) forward. Data such as address and other contact information is stored in Custom Fields and the release of the company's entry on the web page is returned to. Of course there are many other ways to use custom fields.

6. Custom Post Types
By default, WordPress can be two types of content published with: Articles and pages. Since WordPress 3.0, more types of content can be defined with different attributes. Who wants to run a blog and also News page can so the Dashboard, a section for blog posts and news articles to create. Themes can also adjust so the area on request, each a different layout. 

7. Custom Taxonomies
It is somewhat more complex in this new feature that WordPress is a step in the direction of CMS can make great supposedly. With Custom Taxonomies can create additional metadata fields. By default, jangle "categories" and "tags". In short, can be Custom Taxonomies additional category and tag-like areas with design, as it were brand new blog areas. To be honest I have not dealt with this feature great because I have so far not needed it, but what I could now bring in experience to hear, is already very promising.

8. Themes
Similar plug-ins, there are many different themes, such as a penny. To all areas you can find somewhere on the net a suitable layout. Travel, money, Magazine Themes, Photo Gallery Themes, Free Themes, Premium Themes and more ... WordPress Themes are easy to install and very easy to modify by theme day and adjust accordingly. For my project I have with YAML XHTML layout and it creates a less time, without prior knowledge as a WordPress theme adapted in. This saves the unnecessary code that many developers Topics Admin extended range plug in and receives its own unique theme.

9. Child Themes
With Child Themes can be different parts of the blog or individual articles missing a different layout, without the main theme has to be touched. Very handy when you bought Theme has a premium. When updating settings are retained and any extensions Dashboard work even with the so-called Child Themes.

10. Multi-user function
Without mentioning the new WordPress Multi-user function, the list would not completely sure :-) As the WordPress MU -known and formerly independent system gives the default WP Core merged with and now offers every blogger the opportunity to blogs with one installation to operate any number. A regular bloggers will start using this function much can not, but here it is also about using WordPress as a CMS. Blog or website that networks are built with function in no time. Companies can provide every employee a blog for etc ... My first project I wanted to achieve with 3 WordPress installations. With this feature, I'm just adding new blogs to 2 and can do everything a user to control and manage. Perfect!

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