Why 90% of people will never earn money on the Internet!

The web is a great area. Many opportunities, areas are growing, lots of money at stake, and so on. And yet, 90% of people looking to make money on the Internet did not win! But why?

These 90% do not know the formula for success!
So how, in 2010, can I still make such a statement when the number of resources, free or not, (course videos, articles, training, etc.). Has never been more important? "Make Money Online" is now, itself, a real business, very lucrative for some, with dozens of proposed methods on the subject.
The problem is not resources ... it is the use that people do!

Everyone knows what it takes to succeed!
All people who seek to develop activities on the Internet have the means to do it! There are dozens of excellent articles and great advice on the subject. Besides the number of methods many are available on the web. And yet, despite this flood of information, the percentage of those who succeed on the Internet really be counted on the fingers of your hands!
Because what makes the difference, not resources available to us is the use we make of it, and our ability to use them!

Everyone has access to these resources. Everyone has already read an article full of excellent advice, saying to the end "We really need me to put in place, it will boost my business!" Before closing the page and return on Facebook.
In an era where information is accessible everywhere, the difference is more about pure knowledge, but on our ability to get to work, to implement what we know, to seek constantly to improve and Never stop before reaching our goal!
And that 90% of people never will! Procrastination - the fact of always procrastination - is one of the most harmful habits of many budding web marketers!

These are not the best that succeed, just the most active!
I know a number of webmasters / Marketers - no, I would mention no names! - I found the work of a very average quality, and yet, am gaining today, a lot of money on the Internet! And I salute them for this because they knew how to adopt the only attitude that makes the difference: the action!
While many continue to read article after article, hoping one day to find "the magic formula that works 100%!" Piling methods, counseling bookmarks, and notes on their to-do list of actions to be undertaken that unfortunately they will probably never!
These are probably not the best in their field, and it is clear that some know a lot more than they do on Internet marketing and monetization, but they are the ones who took their responsibilities are passed to the action, and who now can enjoy the income they generate through the Internet and what they have begun!

The action: the unique formula for success!
I recently read an article in which the author gave his vision of the formula for success:

Step 1: Try
Step 2: Repeat step 1 until the desired result
Sure, it's still fairly simplistic, but the idea is there. The action is the only way to achieve results and make money on the Internet!
You can have read hundreds of boards, consulted dozens of methods, you are met with 36 experts, if you do not apply what you learn, and you will never win anything on the Internet!

Knowing and doing nothing is worse than not knowing!
It is useless to try to learn more and more, simply do more - and it is only when one acts that learning becomes useful!
Of course, there are great resources to succeed on the web, and I'm not saying they are useless, quite the contrary. But between someone who starts without knowledge, and someone who accumulates without acting, it is the first who has the best chance of succeeding!
So do not wait, if you do not want to be part of the 90% Do not just read, start ACT!

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