Review: Samsung N220 Marvel-Plus

Technically, most netbooks indistinguishable: in almost all mini-notebooks working an Atom processor from Intel, they have 1 GB of RAM and running with Windows 7.Therefore, they reach under identical test conditions, about the same battery life. A gain in life may be teased out with optimized software or customized power management. Or you can simply equip the netbook with a bigger battery, like the Samsung N220 with Marvel-Plus does.

Bigger is better: the larger battery that is long term
In most netbooks put a 6-cell battery, which stores 48 watt hours. The Samsung N220-Plus, however Marvel has a 66 watt hour battery. Thus it was through the wireless LAN test almost eleven hours. During video playback, it was almost seven hours. They are about two hours more than a netbook with 48-watt-hour battery provides. The battery stores more energy at the Samsung Netbook is not so difficult: the N220-Marvel Plus weighs 1300 grams with little more than most other netbooks. The battery is also not interfering with the housing out to the back or bottom.

Amenities: No more than usual - and no less
The equipment of the Samsung N220 Marvel-Plus offers no surprises: 250 GB hard drive, Windows 7, three USB ports - as always with all Netbooks. There is little extras but it's Samsung built next to the 11n wireless module has a Bluetooth adapter with the current version 3.0.Samsung is particularly proud of the Software Fast Boot: This is the Netbook to be operational within a few seconds. However, the tool does nothing other than the hybrid sleep mode of Windows: The Collapse of the Netbook or off the operating system will not shut down, but the system state at the same time saved in memory and on disk. Thus, the Netbook wake up in a few seconds from the RAM. And if it runs out of power during sleep, the data is securely stored on the hard disk.

Screen: Does not, but is not very bright
The 10.1-inch display of the Samsung Netbook is indeed anti-reflective coating. Outside, one can easily read it anyway just under an overcast sky or in the shade because it was not particularly bright. Especially at the edges of the screen was the luminance decreases significantly.

Keyboard, volume, and processing
Good for multi-Tip: The keyboard in the N220-Plus Marvel not rattle and the buttons offer a significant pressure response. Also very nice: The fan remained silent under load. The case is processed stable but cover and palm rest are covered with a gloss varnish: Fingerprints are therefore despite being an applied pattern clearly visible.

Test Result: cardio king with few weaknesses
If you want to use a Netbook, especially on the road, the Samsung N220 Marvel-Plus choice: Its battery life is unmatched. Otherwise you do nothing wrong with it: The Netbook is quiet and has an excellent keyboard. Only the screen is mediocre at best.
All test results for the Samsung N220, Marvel Plus, see PC Magazine, Issue 12/2010.

Need more computing power, access to the Acer Aspire One 521with an AMD processor. But it lacks a long battery life. A good overall package offers the Asus Eee PC 1015PEM with Atom dual-core processor.


Test Category
Netbook Maker
Samsung's Internet Address
Price (MSRP)
389 €
Samsung's product support
Manufacturer's warranty
24 months

Mobility (30%)
Screen (18%)
Equipment (17%)
Keyboard (12%)
Speed (10%)
Environment & Health (5%)
Audio quality (5%)
Service (5%)
Test score
satisfying (3.25)
Value for money


CPU (processor)
Intel Atom N450 (1.66 GHz)
GPU / video memory
Intel GMA 3150 / 384 MB
Bios version / video driver
01KY /
Screen: Size / Resolution
25.7 cm (10.1 inches) / 1024 x 600 pixels
Microphone input, headphone input, 3x USB 2.0, VGA, card reader (SD), LAN, Internet Camera
234 GB / 1013 MB available (inelegant 1024 MB)
DVD drive
LAN / WLAN / Bluetooth / UMTS
Fast Ethernet (10/100) / 802.11n / 3.0 / no
Manual: substantial / printed / PDF
yes / yes / no / yes
Operating system / other software
Windows 7 / lot
Key size
18.0 mm / 4
Mouse: Handling / multi touch / scroll area
7 / yes / yes
Service Hotline:  weekend service / access / through / by mail to reach
Yes / 10 hours / yes / yes
Website:  manual available / driver available / Utilities available
yes / ye

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