The 7 biggest mistakes of blog newbies and how to safely avoid it

Just Blog newcomers often commit venial faults with her blog. Mostly undermine it are small, seemingly trivial things, the new entrants. However, these are preventable and we should avoid it too, for small venial draw some large, still less advantageous consequences. Below is a summary of the 7 biggest mistakes of blog newcomers and how to avoid them.

1. Absolute ignorance of the technical events of the Internet in general and the blogosphere in particular
Cardinal mistake # 1, and remains unaware of any rules of a game to play that one, but not sufficiently controlled. Quickly one gets up the garden path. This is true for blogging as well as all things in life.
Must address with the following things:
  • Self vs. server. Web space: As a rule of thumb, one should remember that the server is constantly own for any professional and semi-professional use of a blog, while web space - free and cheaper - for some ambitious blogger appears at best.
  • Choice of blog software vs. Blog provider: In my view it is essential Wordpress blogging software of choice to use as. Flexibility and simplicity in favor of WordPress, it also costs nothing, because WP is open source software. As blog software No. 1, it has worldwide enforced thereat. Use one of the many free blog providers like Blogger (Blogspot) is not generally a bad choice, if one large demands on his blog harbors no. Too much one is limited in the setting options.
  • Basic knowledge in terms of SEO: To at least some rough knowledge will help you not. SEO stands for search engine optimization and means that one blog dedicated to the needs of especially Google has adapted its own him of not being punished by Google. The most common error is and will be duplicate content.
2. Blogging is not a sprint but a marathon
Blogging is is not something that one does in passing and completed in a few posts. A strategy is required in order to want to have long term success. One must realize that blogging is nothing more than a website to keep permanently. Current content is a must continuously publish new posts - blog so - almost a duty. Blogging is endurance.

3. No clear profile or blog-blog-goal and no clear substantive focus
At least 2 questions one can not: Why blogging and why do you want? What do you want to achieve? These questions should be converted into his blog. There is a third party, namely reader to convince his blog. Required in this connection that shows you the potential readers what they can expect from your blog specifically to help and information.

4. So often completely wrong and unrealistic expectations regarding traffic and money-earning opportunities
Overnight success of blogs, moving from one day to the thousands of visitors and make massive money are so rare that one should not give much thought to the possibility of this form of waste of blog success. Far more could you schedule a lottery win as a fixed income. Money you can earn great blog, and traffic is no problem - if you know how to do it. Tips and experiences of long-established bloggers are therefore essential as a reference.

5. No public relations strategy to actively develop and systematically reader can
Imagine that someone has revealed the secret of eternal life, but no one except him knows. Without PR is not even in the blogosphere, on the contrary. You have to advertise for his blog. People need to know that you mention some issues with your blog.

6. Incorrect text design and lack of consideration of reading habits on the Internet
Basically, the publication of texts similar attributes that form, as is done with books and newspapers. However, there is also and especially by the technical possibilities of the Internet, differences that must be taken into account. Structure and design stand out from traditional media. Who knows to apply these new techniques improved his blog tremendously.

7. The omission of information, tips and tricks of the experts
This is the main problem. Newbies dont consider the articles or tips given by expert bloggers. So include them also in your post. 

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Marie said...

Thanks for the reminders. Many bloggers, even those experienced ones, still forget about these things.

January 4, 2011 at 9:43 PM

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