How to install windows 7 by using USB?

If you want to save on the installation of Windows 7 much time or want to install Windows 7 on a Netbook, it's worth the installation of Windows 7 using a USB stick. We show how it works.

 You will need a USB flash drive with 4 GB of free space. All the data stick will be deleted!

Extremely important note before you read on: The commands assume that the connected USB flash drive drive 1 "is recognized by Windows" as! To be sure, enter the command line diskpart and type in the command "list disk". Under "Bearer" You see the number that the inserted USB drive is assigned! The line "select disk 1" (highlighted below in bold) then must be adjusted accordingly!
* Diskpart
* select disk 1 (if necessary. the value must be changed!)
* Clean
* Create partition primary
* Select partition 1
* Active
* Format fs = fat32
* Assign
* Exit
Afterwards, the entire contents of the Windows 7 DVD will only be copied to the USB stick. To do this, use the xcopy command:
Xcopy (DVD-ROM drive letter): \ *.* / s / e / f (USB stick drive letter): \
Now let the computer must only booting from USB drive, so that when inserted USB flash drive, the installation routine of Windows 7 launches. The installation of the operating system should now be done within few minutes.

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