Google AdSense Tips: Do targeted traffic to increase your income

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Today on the Blog fouzanspykid, we talk about targeting. An important point in view of establishing a profitable strategy and quality to its website or blog, with the aim to achieve good income and provide additional resources to its visitors.

Forget quantity. Play quality.
A common belief is to think that the quantity prevails over quality. It's a tough belief, prevalent in many areas, including those of interest, marketing and advertising. Many people believe and practice it is better to attract more Internet users, by all means possible, rather than trying to come only on its site or blog visitors interested in the topic and the topic discussed.
The fact is that if your visitors are not targeted enough, have hundreds do not serve much in terms of cost per click monetization with Google AdSense. Having lots of visitors, "all-comers" is super cool to be able to make screenshots of its audience figures and send them to everyone, but what is really your goal?

You can achieve good income with fewer visitors!
Play quality. Really. This is one of the keys to a successful sustainable and for all with Google AdSense. Do not try to attract visitors by all possible means, even if they are totally not interested in the main theme of your creation. It does you no good. Mainly Google AdSense pays per click (CPC ), and users who do not come to your site for its main theme will not be interested to click on AdSense ad units contextual. You will not win anything with them.
Instead of trying to focus on the number of Internet users, simply by passing your site, focus your priorities on the search for more targeted visitors directly interested in your content and clicking on your AdSense ads. Forget the high potential popularity items (buzz, celebrities, sexy, etc..) But away from your topic, you will only bring visitors to your ineffective monetization strategy, and favor communication and promotion of media closer to people who will be directly interested in your content.
It is by focusing your efforts on targeted visitors with a potential interest in your AdSense contextual ads that you will increase your revenue by increasing your number of clicks while decreasing your number of pages for that. With the same token a positive qualitative feedback from those visitors on your website.

Do not waste your time trying to attract visitors who will bring you nothing. Play quality. Choose the targeted traffic.

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