Meta tags and its uses in making website popular

What are Meta tags?

       For those of you who had to know by now, have not said that a Meta tag is an HTML tag, which resides in the "Head-paragraph" a html coded page. Like other HTML tags also shows the Meta tag is not directly on your finished video line as shown in Scripture, but is the name we already Meta puts it, a kind of intermediate language. The German is meant by the Meta-language, a language of an object language. In our case, that would mean a language of HTML. Because do not appear on the front page Meta tags your blog, they are by most visitors do not even perceived. Several Meta tags take over different tasks, but they are generally there to provide additional information about your blog.
The Meta description tag for example, provides a sort of short summary about the content of your blog. How the individual information is provided here varies from day to Meta-Meta-tag.

Why Meta tags are useful?

There is an enormous variety of Meta tags out there in the html-organized Internet, but only some of these tags are useful. In fact, the chances are good that the page no Meta tags work just as well or poorly, as is a page filled with these tags.
But some of these Meta tags do have their benefits and if it's only communication with the Googlebot or other Crawling situation. Here in this guide is certainly time for you a list of all Meta tags, which you might encounter in blogging or optimize your blog:

Abstract - uses the Meta description tag in place of "Abstract"

Author - Sure, it's nice to his email address and other information content of your page to place anywhere in the Anyway, but the best place for such information is now time disclosed in the Content.

Cache-Control - This Meta tag has actually only HISTORICAL functions and is no longer in use. Previously he held through its implementation in the html-code that users of a page like this, a website to visit old bases. Nowadays, the usefulness of the tags or in less smoke and more resolved and is normally not used.

Classification - Although this Meta-tag with overcharged Keywords usually can, I like no other and arbitrary judgments to present day, with the same functionality. It is extremely flexible and can blog using keywords and phrases categorized yours.

Content-Language - The use of tags is not always clear to evaluate, because the linguistic map of the contents of a page is part of a bigger problem dare. Use this tag only if their pages with different languages used inner flab a web project that you using this tag you want to distinguish them clearly. Especially in pages translated with the same content actually use this is the recommended tags.

Content-Type - This is really important and significant. With its help, you can use the "Character Sets" for your individual pages to different ways definition make sure that this is used every day of your pages on.

Copyright -  Similar to author tag. You should attach importance to that this copyright information to the body of your page will be entered into directly and content can be perceived as so. Most often, the copyright in the footer (footer.php) of a WordPress installation database.

Description - Although this Meta tag to its benefits on the search engine positioning has be forfeited entirely, it is still frequently used forever. With the description tag phrases, the individual edit, your page title on the result of each search engine ads, with underlying additional information. The description tag is thus the snippet of information which, under the page title is listed in Google.

Designer - the same as the Author and Copyright day. The information should be shown the website itself on.

Distribution - If a website owner should be made the internal-only, then the robots.txt or robots Meta tag to areas equipped to do this PILLARS. This one day is at least more than necessary.

Expires - If your website or blog content you have on that is not mesh of the time should be taken into account after a certain day it can be quite useful. Specifying in the "validity" of a page for bloggers, however, this tag is not interesting.

Generator - This day is home kits used to generate a Web page by using software to refer to. So it's pointless to hand editing of this tag.

GoogleBot - If you need to have the search engine special or specific information to miss a special tag with this script you can do this.

Keywords - this in the past was this Meta tag extremely powerful and important. As the importance of Meta keywords still crucial to search engine placement was for, this day was loaded with keywords, even downright. Today, the Keywords no real influence over the SERPS, but they are generally more numerous are used. If you also want to use it, not as crowded this tag with keywords!. Less is more.

MSNBot - See the Google-bot

Owner - See Author-tag

PICS-Label - See rating Meta tag.

Publisher - See generator Meta tag.

Rating - With all the web standards it would be desirable that this fact would be used tag. However, the sites with which a Mature "or" include districted are sparsely sown "" rating. Let the rating of your site speak for itself yet.

Refresh - if you redirect to other sites have to build so-called 301-redirects used. Realized that its the refresh-day basis, this is usually considered to be spam. 

Reply-To - See the author Meta tag.

Robots - You can also use the robots.txt file for it, of course, that not all files and directories of your website a search engine crawlers and bots are indexed by the. 

Subject - Your title tag should look over the content of your page give a. For an extra Meta-tag to use would be meaningless.

 - Do not give you the title Meta tags off with, because with the usual title tag you can much better and "valid" define your web page title.

Unavailable-After - Believe it or not, but this day is brand new and is even supported by Google. But why not Google the expires Meta tag used, can be answered by anyone.

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