Wireless printing with Wi-Fi and its installation, problems solving

Print without wires - this is more than no clutter on the desk. Print without wires makes even the desktop itself redundant as a printer location. Set your wireless printer but in the basement or the closet where you disturb pressure noises and where space is plentiful.

Probably the biggest advantage of a wireless printer is its flexibility: so far had to merge data to be brought to the printer, either by USB or by e-mail to the pressure PC. An alternative was to operate it continuously computer printer or extra power up to him on the printer access. Use your wireless printer from the office PC, the laptop in the living room or from the children - without cable or intermediate station.

In addition to the wireless printer itself, you need a wireless router on the dials in the printer in your network. Currently, most Wi-Fi Printer sparks with 11b or 11g standard, but the new 11n standard compatible.

Installation: First, start the driver installation and connect the printer only via a USB cable to the PC when the installation prompts you to. The connection to the computer when you first install only necessary, then you can print anywhere within range of your wireless network set up the. The configuration is usually completely over the driver software.

To be constantly alert, the printer must remain in standby mode. Do so before you buy a low power consumption. The print job you give to the body such as computer, or alternatively directly to the printer. Otherwise, similar to the wireless printer wired his relatives: Depending on the model of this also has a display and prints without a PC, for example, from the memory card if he has a card reader. Multi-function wireless printer, generally speaking, allows the user to scan in documents and send the result to any network computer.

Note: Some wireless printers also have a LAN connection, as they usually only have a print server installed, however, is the simultaneous operation is not possible! You have to decide for LAN or WLAN, while USB operation is not an obstacle.

Problem: The printer will not be my wireless.
Solution: One possible cause (next to the printer itself) is the router configuration. If you use a MAC filtering, you should either disable or printer in the list of allowed devices to enter the MAC address can be found either on the device or in the manual.

Problem: My printer to print jobs does not come with.
Solution: If the driver is properly installed, the firewall could block the communication. Check your firewall settings and enter the device manually release if necessary.

Problem: Both router and firewall are configured, but I think the printer is not in the WLAN.
Solution: You may have printer too far away from the router to set up. This can for example be the case if the printer is in the basement and walls of the radio block thick. Place the unit as a test router in close. The connection works help tips for a faster and stronger signal wi-Fi, often brings even a firmware update the router's recovery.

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