14 easy tips to get more followers in twitter

The question: "How can I get more Twitter followers?” is usually made reluctantly, for he is too happy that no one wants to follow? But perhaps you have already some followers, but all your friends at Twitter have all more than you? Or would you prefer in the Top Ten list of Twitter users with the most followers are? (Bring Traffic to your website). Then it's time, 7 Professional Tips to internalize this to you.

1. Follow-known Web 2.0 enthusiasts with a high number of followers.
These are the heroes Twitter with several thousand followers. There are reasons these users to the 2 good. First, they often have an auto-follow script and secondly you singing mostly interesting news, which is the right time with Twitter abstain can be.

2. Send messages to @ Social Media Whores
Probably you will not receive a response. But that's not bad. More important is that it appears as if you would discuss this with users. Followers of these celebrities look @ your message and will also follow you under. "It's not who you know. It's who appears to know you. "

3. Create a meaningful Avatar
This default Twitter Avatar from discouraged followers alleged. Be creative. A proper profile photo of you is usually very good. Do you own a blog or a homepage; it seems likely to involve a logo as an avatar. General applies: The more prominent your avatar, the more followers!

4. Follow anyone who follows you
Why follow everyone? But at some point I lose track of them? It's simple: It is polite and is a lot to thank the user with and @ reply, in turn, other users (potential followers can see it). With a high number of Follows one sets a focus more on lists ("Lists").

5. Link as many times as possible
Sure there are interested in your friends that you are familiar with Lady of the meat counter flirted have the same, but whether you those tweets is bringing more followers rather questionable. Twitter users like to click links. Link as much as possible interesting articles, news, funny pictures and other web sites or social news sites. Try it yourself to make the title so that you attract attention more.

6. Use the right tools
  twitterless.com (It keeps track of a large number of followers)
·                                 Adjix.com (Similar to TinyURL. The difference Adjix hide the linked page publicity, through which they can rake in some cash in addition)
·                                 SocialToo.com (SocialToo is a service that makes it possible to follow each automatically the one to "follow" is. Available with a small thanksgiving).

7. Ask people whether they want to follow you.
Exactly. Just straight talk Twitter user. For example me: I'm here to, if you want to follow me 

8. Using hash tags: The so-called hash tags to Twitter with a # (hash) is introduced into, for example #. These are also called keywords or keyword. Just as in search engine optimization others will find your tweets and follow you if they like your Twitter-output, or you have an interesting profile.

9.  Top themes twitter: Particularly topical issues, be it from TV or just a twitter trends - such as you can here learn. In combination with the hash tags particularly effective. And now Germany is the subject of Idol, even though her on the show get nausea when you only hear the name: Encyclopedia, this simple - there are always other people who share this opinion.

10. Informative design profile: Although the profile is not truly comprehensive: It is large enough to produce fundamental interest to call. Particularly important, of course: If you operate a website or blog, this necessarily carries (her running out of grubby pages).Even more interesting, of course, is the ability to load your own background high one. That you can beautifully decorated with text and a picture maybe, which you describe your projects or as in my case lists.

11. Twitter Link publicize: If you at social networks like Facebook or Xing are other registered yet, then wearing your Twitter link there. Even with a Poke-n, the Twitter names are stored.

12. Link to your blog: On my blog you've probably noticed it already: the latest tweets are displayed, and the number of followers in a button (twittercounter.com). Anyone who wants cans also one of the many birds twitter embeds - probably even more striking graphics. In addition, you can tweets that contain a URL to your blog, let the comments in - to see in this blog also and last, there is also the possibility, twitter blog entries to turn from the followers to regain blog visitors

13. Link to Facebook: Facebook has world's 200 million registered on users. If you also registered to be there, you can get your Tweets automatically update Facebook status to register. Addiction just on Facebook to Twitter and you will find the appropriate application. Of course a corresponding number of friends on Facebook will be yours.

14. Replies via Twitter Search: The Twitter Search allows anyone, just as a matter of hash tags should be used with other hash tags to find Tweets as well. You can for example help with a problem and thereby give the questioner to arouse the interest and often get a new follower as a reward for the "work".
If you follow some of these tips, it will be easy to come at least in the triple digits within a few weeks.

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