How to choose the most profitable theme for Google AdSense

All the themes are not profitable!
Let us say right away, there are certain topics with which you can never win anything interesting with Google AdSense. I still see some webmasters put AdSense ads on sites with which they will never win anything. It's a lost cause! But the conventional wisdom on advertising as the sole means of case on the web is hard to...
The problem is that it is often associated with webmasters to another misconception equally ineffective in terms of profitability with Google AdSense: the quantity (of visitors) is essential and surpasses the quality aspect. The only small problem with this equation is that Google AdSense is a board CPC (Cost-Per-Click), and it changes everything!
And we end up with sites or blogs trying to attract more visitors - thinking it will be useful for their salvation - using attractive subjects (buzz, video, celebrities, sexy, etc..) But no commercial value at all. For two reasons the first is that very few advertisers bid on such keywords. It has very few targeted ads, and for very low CPC. The second is that visitors who come are in no sense a potential purchase so click on the ads, but still this idea of "How am I going to waste my time for 15 minutes on the web having already spent 30 minutes on Facebook!

For a theme to be profitable, it is that people have things to sell!
Some may think that the traditional rules of commerce and advertising have changed dramatically in the Internet age, but there are some maxims that will never change. And this one is among them. Advertisers are only advertising when they have products to sell! And more than ever is the case in a system like Google AdSense where advertisers bid on keywords.
So apart perhaps Gala or Here to CPC bidding with ultra-low, buzz and celebrity theme is death with Google AdSense! And this is not the only...
For a theme to be profitable, it must have a real commercial interest. Advertisers must have products to sell, so they want to make them known through advertising! It is a condition sine qua non.
All the themes of generalist, information, buzz, etc.. that have no commercial value have no intrinsic value to be monetized with Google AdSense!

How do I know if a theme is profitable?
For a theme to be profitable on Google AdSense, it must combine two aspects. The first is the potential audience. You can be thematic with cost-per-click the highest in the world, if only three Internet users visit each month on your site; this is not how you make a fortune! Nevertheless, and we have already spoken in the preceding paragraph, the hearing is not the only quantitative parameter to consider. You need what are called qualified visitors (internet really interested in your site and thus targeted AdSense ads that are therein). This is crucial! Because do not forget, Google AdSense is a board that pays per click, not the number of page impressions! You must therefore focus on quality not quantity!
The second aspect is the density of advertisers that are present on the keywords of your topic. Google AdSense is based on the bidding for the network Adwords advertisers, so it's classical, it will be more and more the price will pay for these advertisers to appear on these keywords will be high. To maximize your income, you should be aiming for topics on which many advertisers are present, and even better for relatively expensive products. Clearly, a theme that many advertisers have things to sell and high prices!
For that, you can help the generator keywords offered by Google Adwords advertisers. You can test keywords and obtain the volume of monthly searches, which allows you to measure the potential audience, and the average CPC for the advertiser and density of the commercial interest of the theme. Note that the average CPC does not match what you earn you webmaster on the AdSense network, since it is the average bid to be made by an advertiser to place itself on the network for the Adwords keyword in question.

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