Sexual Health - techniques and tips for men and women

Are you worried about your sexual health? As many say, sex plays a very important role in married life. The quality of sexual life directly influences the health and happiness, and gives you energy and confidence into your daily life. But having a sex life hell is not necessarily easy. Even if many people know the importance of sex in marriage, many have really many difficulties in doing so. Some ignore it, others accept the fact that they can improve. Here are some tips to make your sex life easier.
Simplicity is the key.

Sex in itself is not something extraordinary, but the pleasure you get out is one. It is better to keep things the easiest way in the case of sex. Try new positions in bed? Many couples are experimenting with new sexual positions, if only to know that what positions they have seen in a film is an additional source of pleasure or not. 
After experimenting with new positions, you can try to look at other possible sources of frustration in the couple. If you are a man, there are many tricks.
Performance counts.

At work or in bed, performance counts. What we mean by performance is the ability to maintain an erect penis when the woman wants and is ready. But if you are having sexual health problems such as impotence or female sexual dysfunction, you will not be able to have good performance, whatever your state of arousal. When this happens, you can try using pills to enhance erections, nutritional supplements, creams improving female libido, erection of equipment, of penis rings to get a strong erection and increase your endurance.
Hold on.

It is not good to have an erection and ejaculate in the middle of the report. Yes, premature ejaculation is a crime of passion unintentional many men make during sex, and frustrating their partner. To avoid releasing sperm too early, you can masturbate before intercourse, which desensitize the penis. This way, you delay your orgasm and you allow your partner to reach as well, which will allow a win-win. Alternatively you can use gels and sprays to last longer.
Lose fat

Have a size or thighs broad are not necessarily good for improving your sex life. The hardness of your penis depends on the level of blood reaches the penis blood vessels. Excess fat can prevent proper supply of blood to the penis, and thus disrupt erections.
Female Sexual Health

In women, sexual health depends a lot on health and libido. Regular exercise can strengthen the pelvic floor and increase vaginal sensitivity. You can also use gels or apparatus for obtaining the best possible stimulation in your relationships.
You must understand that a positive attitude and understanding is important for maintaining your sexual health intact. Being creative is never a lack for sex, because this imagination can take you to new experiences.

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