iPhone 5 in January 2011? Wait and see

Despite many mistakes that's iPhone 4 is still very popular. This shows the continuing supply difficulties of the Telecom. And now a new rumor also makes the rounds on the Internet: The iPhone 5 is already in January 2011, the market come on. This at least maintains the Mac side iLounge, referring to their own reliable sources.
What exactly in this rumor, which has now more than a month turn is already pointing out donjons of Apple, no one. Instead, as wild about the latest technical features and extras already reported and speculated. It has an 8-megapixel camera, faster data transmission by LTE and a permanently installed SIM card. These three videos are the hottest for the iPhone are circulating on the Internet 5. But why would Apple release year, this time to interrupt the rhythm and the launch of the iPhone 5 prefer? One reason was surely the problem of the iPhone antenna 4th But the iPhone 4 has other problems, such as the proximity sensor, the equipment is faulty in some and causes the phone while the display remains on and the virtual keys are pressed. Apple itself has now no opinion on the rumors published to. Maybe because it broke after the iPhone 4 again is a bit of PR?

The iPhone 5

The iPhone in January 2011 5 should appear on the market also. At least many believe it and read it every day new articles and new rumors "from" reliable sources. I myself can hardly imagine that Apple’s new iPhone on the market will throw one. Although facts speak for many, I rather think that is an improved iPhone 4 worked on. Maybe the iPhone 4G or any other will come. We do not know.
If you believe the rumors, the iPhone is integrated 5 is a SIM card and thus miss out Apple as a mobile network provider try. Also, a new 8-megapixel camera to the iPhone 5 to be installed and it provide high-quality images. Maybe Apple will also jump on the 3-train, however, and new iPhone model a 3D camera to come down. It would not be bad.
It is not clear yet what really is in the rumor it. I would imagine that is also good that only a mixture of five iPhone iPhone 4 and other housing. So you could at least fight the antenna problem. Until Apple is expressed on the rumors, it will certainly take time and still give a lot of new rumors. The beautiful is that it is not until January 2011 long and then we are all wiser.

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