Site creation and SEO: 10 Key Steps to succeed

1 / Set the targets and modes of communication: Who are your visitors, what language or jargon they use?
According to the chosen target, the type of discourse, the level of complexity or the language used will be different. The graphic presentation and editorial are adapting to the target. We do not go the same way for teenagers or scientists, communication B to B is different from B to C.

2 / Define the offer: What will you offer your visitors, what are you talking about?
What products or services would you highlight? Should you have any, just say? What are your competitors? Are they doing well? How can we improve? What differentiates you from them? How are you better than them? Define your written offers and services.

3 / Define key phrases: what will hit the Internet looking for your offer? [SEO]
That searches your solutions, products, services? T expresses how they do when they do a Google search? What are the keywords of your competitors? What are the terms most relevant to your positioning? The SEO work begins on that stage! Several tools can help you: SEO Tools , Seo Rapid (rapid analysis SEO).

4 / Thematic Group: How to organize the discourse to use the keyword phrases chosen?[SEO]
Segment your keyword phrases in different services or solutions you offer. Gather key phrases and themes by new order of importance.

5 / Set the tree: What are the headings, sub headings, site pages, you can organize your content so good by incorporating your keyword phrases? [SEO]
Write the major thrusts for each page (keeping in mind your keyword phrases). You must divide the contents, create more subcategories, more pages, to keep one idea per page and optimize each one for a major key phrase? Define then the site tree.

6 / Writing Instruments: By respecting your goals key phrase, finalize the text, turn the volume of each of them. [SEO]
Integrate key phrases in the Title, H1, H2, paragraphs. Do not forget synonyms, polemics words in texts. Treat your descriptions. You write for the web, make small paragraphs, rather than long blocks annoying. Read: draft its texts, texts for the importance of positioning.

7 / Design graphics: Present the content (text and images) based on their strategic importance and their respective volume. [SEO]
The video has been serving the content, not the reverse. Use graphic devices to highlight the important points of it. Exceptions, the graphics should not be a demonstration of artistic design, but make pleasant visit. The ergonomics of the site will play when creating graphics. Keep always in mind the practical, functional, must have that instinctive design on navigation and ease of locating the site. The "referrer" keeps an eye on this whole phase.

8 / Developing the website: Make static content integration and pre-optimize the dynamic content, upload. [SEO]
If possible, distinguish the shape of the bottom (CSS) to facilitate subsequent amendments. Coding according to W3C recommendations will ensure better continuity to the site. Do not hesitate to approach the SEO for each technical issue that could have an impact in SEO. For the dynamic parts, consider optimizing the fields provided upstream (as product or article, anchor links,).

9 / Promote the site: search for partners, inclusion on external websites, press releases, buzz, and media buying. [SEO]
Once the site launched, it will require a job promotion and SEO Offline. Finding partners of related or complementary thematic work will display advertising or link exchange. Some directories can bring you traffic or notoriety. The sites of press releases, blogs, the comparators may be relays for additional information. The purchase of keywords may be a good way to boost traffic to the site launch, or for specific operations later.

10 / Measure / revise / develop: Make use of statistics, and re-optimize Onpage Offpage according to the results and ambitions. [SEO]
No balance sheet without measure. A statistical tool for your site you will better understand and know your visitors. Where do they come from, what keywords have access to your site, what pages or sections are most often displayed? If this source, keywords, page views, does not meet your expectations, find out why and adjust, change, fix your site or communications made about him to make adjustments.

And then ... [SEO]
Always remember that in many cases your website should not be your only means of communication, but since it remains the subject of our discussion, consider other alternatives to promote the website.
·                                 A blog real advice related to your business can be a great way to attract visitors to your site.
·                                 A presence strategy tailored portals can leverage your visits.
·                                 A well-designed newsletter can generate significant traffic.
·                                 Join social networks and use them to promote your business and your site.
·                                 Set up a contest, offer a free tool, buzzer with a video ...

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