Tips to make broadband faster than ever before

That has to go much faster!
Many users are unnerved by their DSL connection, because the data transmission to slow. There are many ways to create a highly paid DSL line everything out - or switch to a faster connection technology. What measures can you take to get to a brisk flow of data, we have compiled. So outdated hardware, slow browser, and a non-optimized Wi-Fi are just some of the areas where you can even increase the surfing speed. You know, the paper also cases in which it pays to change your provider or switch to a different transmission technology.

Tuning the connection:
First check whether your connection really to offer everything he could. For this purpose it is necessary to examine not only the negotiated maximum speed from the modem in the Router Configuration menu (tip 1), but the actual rate to be determined by means of a speed test (Tip 2). If it turns out the connection as a bottle neck, under certain circumstances, a provider change remedy (Tip 3).A guaranteed performance boost up to areas of 32 or even 50 Mbit / s receive, but only if you move to another broadband technology (Tip 4 and 5).

Tuning to a PC and network:
On your own system, you can optimize in terms of surfing speeds more than you might think. The measures will start in choosing the fastest browser (tip 7) and go about the use of data compression (Tip 8) and anti-advertising (Tip 9), to review your wireless network, which may well prove to be a brake. For instance, when the wireless router is no longer up to date, or if long distance or thick walls reduce the data throughput.

1. Line speed check on the router
Before you try to tune the DSL connection, you should check the current state - so what speed your DSL modem or router negotiated with the party did. This speed depends on the distance to the exchange and the thickness of the line leading to it. The negotiated rate for example, shows the Fritz box in its configuration menu under "Settings, Internet, and DSL Information". When the Telecom Speed port W 701V WLAN and similar routers, see the appropriate details under "Details, DSL."

It's worth keeping an eye on this value. Especially for DSL connections that come with a range of "up to 16,000 kbit / s available, the negotiated rate at peak times certainly go down. This happens when too many neighbors also take advantage of DSL lines and are used in the central bundle of cables too close together. Since the lines for DSL frequencies do not shielded well enough to transfer the momentum from one line to another: It comes to interference, and the pipeline's capacity decreases - therefore the transmission rate.
Register considerable fluctuations, it helps basically to put the DSL provider thereof. If you're lucky, it checks whether the central bundles of unused cable cores is that gotten less interference. If so, could instruct the provider, Telecom, the owner of the pipelines, to switch your connection to these veins. In practice, however, most companies shy away from the associated administrative and financial burden.

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