7 areas of work for a web site for success

To have a successful website, a site with many visitors and to sell, you have to work in 7 areas. If you do only one or several of these areas, certainly did not achieve great results, the issue is to work the 7 areas together.
Perhaps you will read here sound like overkill if you own a personal website or small, but have to work in these areas to the level that you consider and in relation to your capabilities.
Tell that to cover all areas that have to hire staff or services for the proper functioning of your website, but never do everything themselves.

1. Strategic Area. It is the main; these have in advance a clear vision of the way we want to continue. That is, be clear about what we sell, to whom we sell and how you sell (sales process).

2. Content Area. Today more than ever it is important that a website is active, post often and because of that you contact the visitor or user. The work content is performed not only on the website itself, but also covers the publication on other sites or communities.

3. Area of communication. Customer or user or social networks, forums, email marketing sub areas that would work here. It is building relationships beyond a simple visit to your website.

4. Area programming and design. Today platforms such as WordPress anyone can have a competent web site without knowing anything about programming and web design, but if you want to create a more dynamic web site or want a well-crafted design, you have to hire a programmer or designer n run and show off your website as you want.

5. Area SEO. Optimizing your website is important but it is something that does not require much work. The main work in this area will be to regularly get quality links to your website that search engine positions. Prior to this work and in coordination with the strategic area, we must determine which keywords we want to position in relation to what we sell on our site.

6. Area marketing and advertising. Here we will focus both on the advertising of our website and to make alliances beneficial to him, get sponsors, build and strengthen our brand, etc ...

7. Analytical and management area. Main thing here is to analyze results to improve visits, conversions and sales. We must also analyze all other areas and manage our resources and our expenses and profits.

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