Blogspot vs. WordPress: The advantages and disadvantages

Currently occupies me the question of what basis I would like to use in future for my blog. In my post with statistics and opinions to the first week I had the blog even hinted at. In the short list for me are really only Blogspot or WordPress. In the following I would like briefly the advantages and disadvantages facing the.

Benefits Blog Hoster Blogspot

  • Very light faster access initially possible
  • Design / Templates selected quickly and easily
  • Google AdSense can be easily installed
  • Selected features can be integrated quickly
  • Technical updates are performed automatically in the background

Benefits WordPress

  • Allows the professional design of your blog
  • Very large selection of features (e.g. plug-in)
  • Many advertising partner marketplaces do not support Blogspot.
 My conclusion
The blogger can fully concentrate on the heart of the matter: the blog! This requires the blogger to take into account that there are some limitations. Using WordPress blog can be of any design profession and the marketing possibilities of making money and therefore are much more diverse. In return, the blogger must be under WordPress technical issues to deal with (technical updates to install for example), that is, the complexity is higher than at / Blogspot. For starters, a blog at Blogspot is sufficient. I was a real joy on blogging and would like to perhaps earn some money too, should a change to be considered in WordPress drawn. Fire free I'm curious about your criticism and additions in the comments!

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Jamyla Taylor said...

Hi there, nice post and a good source of information. It really shows that you're an expert in this field. I'm looking for some wordpress management tips in this site. Thanks for sharing. Keep it up!

January 7, 2014 at 12:02 AM

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