Top 5 tips for bloggers for their success

1. Comment clever and often

Most bloggers are now just have comments like "Nice article" annoyed or "That's interesting." Attempts to provide instead for a comment with your real value. For example, by completing the existing article in the post with your own knowledge.

2. Use images in your articles

Images can have a tremendous power when it comes to a text to illustrate. Suppose, for example, you write a Photoshop tutorial. A picture says a thousand words as usually.


I can not say enough times. Search Engine Optimizing is a big part of Fundaments, which is required in order to be successful in the Internet. I myself am not an expert, but I try to study further. Just recently I have as a nice add-on SEO for Firefox downloaded.

4. Reply to comments on your blog

Who is not on the comments in his blog replies, may be called not in my opinion, bloggers. And I doubt very much that an author who ignores his readers

5. Forget the statistics

How much time do you use to check your stats to? Many bloggers invest more time in the statistics, as in the blog itself. It may be helpful now and the traffic sources and most popular items to analyze, but you should not overdo it.

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