4 important things to have a successful blog

Getting into the blogging world is very recommendable if you do any business online, develop and flourish a blog we will bring many benefits (see Why a blog for your business online?) for this course must be taken into account the "keys" to have a successful blog, a blog popular and well visited and meeting the goals you have bookmarked.
Logically a successful blog is one that has interesting things, entertaining or useful, but this is not enough, when it known there are aspects to consider.

1. Bloggers. A successful blog passes to enter the community of bloggers. A blog is participatory and this is the way to be a blogger, to participate. "Dar" is the best way to promote your blog and introduce you to the blogger community, "to" quality comments on other blogs and "provide" links to interesting posts from other blogs are ways to do it.
In this way you give to view your blog as a blog "friend" as the blog of a generous person who is interested in the work of others. What they say: "give before you receive." And this is the issue, to be someone within a community, which is part and take into account the others. This will certainly make your blog be known.

2. Directories and blog communities. There are many directories and communities where you can share about your blog. Moreover, in many of these sites tell you every time you publish a post in order to make it known to the community. In many of these sites also were voted the post, which can give a lot of popularity to your blog. Register your blog at these sites and participate in them is also an excellent way to publicize your blog.

3. SEO, SEO. Another very important to have a highly visited blog is that being visible in search engines. Visible means that out at the top of the searches real haciendas with the theme of your posts.
Two things are fundamental to have a blog and some posts are well positioned in search engines, optimization of texts, titles and pictures, and receive inbound links and blog posts in general.

4. Content. As I said if you do not have something interesting or useful in your blog about anything you will make it known, people come and go without, and what we want with our blog is not only to visit it, but again and follow our blog via feed or some other subscription system.
In a blog for my commands the freshness of content, relevant information, the latest news, resources and useful ideas, links and recommendations, and everything that can be fun and enjoyable. Also everything that is participatory and interesting contention and argument in the comments, small contests, guest posts, etc ... also be a motivation for your visitors to follow you.

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