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In this post I would like some top Facebook WordPress Plugins imagine. Facebook is one of the largest social media / Web 2.0 sites. Regularly update their user accounts, share opinions, photos and more with their friends. Through the installation of Facebook plugins on the WordPress blog, bloggers can easily make your own posts with the Facebook community to share much. Here are some really cool WordPress plugins to the Facebook integration.

Facebook WordPress Plugins

1. Add to Facebook With this plugin link (text or icon) in the blog post added a footer. This allows the blog post or a whole page to Facebook Mini-Feed will be added. The plugin does not work on WordPress 2.9 +. Therefore, "is the next plugin" Share on Facebook for many users certainly a better alternative.

2. Share on Facebook Also this plugin adds link (text or icon) in the blog post, add a footer to post or even a whole page to Facebook Mini-Feed add the.

3. Facebook Comments This plugin imports comments from Facebook in the relevant blog posts. Since the initial posting comments are very important as a complement to  I also think this plugin is very recommendable. The comments, which are made to a blog post on Facebook, can thus be captured in the blog itself, too. Too bad is that this plugin did not appear at all the users really working right. Otherwise it would be a really great tool. Let's see if the author does an update yet!

4. WP-FBConnect This plugin will be the Facebook Connect API functionality in a WordPress blog integrated. These are essentially single sign-on, comments about the news feed and comments published in the avatar with the Facebook profile photo.

5. Facebook Dashboard Widget WordPress plugin for Facebook, this show updates its own community and ties them into the blog. This is always transparent, that is just what the community. It is a Dashboard widget that integrates Facebook and WordPress. Even if Facebook just is not availabilities, updates will be displayed. The plugin runs on WordPress 2.7 and higher!

6. Gigya With this plugin, a number of functions to the WordPress blog to be added. These include a secure WordPress blog authentication (user login and register) to comment on the blog and Facebook profile send from other social networks for their own blog to invite friends. It is fully in the wordpress user management involved and keeps the WordPress and Gigya Socialize data synchronized at all times.

7. Facebook Photos plug-in is a plugin for integration of Facebook photos in the blog post. This icon is displayed in a separate post, which to view and upload Facebook photos allowed.
What other plugins to integrate WordPress and Facebook?

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