Top 10 current MP3 player in the comparison test

With expensive MP3 players, there are many models in front of the leading iPod does not have to hide. Except for the Odys X88 Globe, the 4 GB is available only put 8 GB of memory in the test equipment. This ranges depending on the MP3 data rate up to 1000 songs far. Except for the player from Apple, Philips and Sony can be built-in memory with MicroSD cards to upgrade further.
Earphone cable too short - only MP3 for Small? Units come with any headphones, but hearing buttons. The connecting cable of the Archos, Apple-and Sandisk players are for tall people but far too short. Creative, Philips and Samsung to deliver so-called in-ear headphones that as ear plugs are inserted into the ear canal. They are secure in the ear and, as they complete the canal, also play deep bass. The earpiece of the other models is simply hung in the ear. Their bass response is rather limp, and sometimes even slipping out of the ear. But one gets, for example in road transport, with more of the environment.
The Apple-player delivers even television pictures up on the Archos 43 Vision all offers an FM receiver, an antenna is the earphone cable. The iPod has a button on the radio program of up to 15 minutes, then continue playing from the paused position. The Player of Odys, Philips, Sandisk, Sony and Teac can also record radio programs. The Odys X88 Globe can even receive digital television (DVB-T). Cameras, just plug in the Apple iPod nano, and the Archos 3Cam vision. The models from Archos, Creative and Teac are state-controlled touch screen, the other models by buttons or soft keys. The Creative misunderstood sometimes a scroll-test as a click or confirmation. When Odys different dissolved pressing the Menu button different actions. Here it needs some more practice, until the operation is functioning smoothly. Apple's operating concept is still a model - so intuitive and easy can be operated any of the other players.

The Philips GoGear can's longest
Only when Odys X88 Globe lies a power supply in the package. The other devices need to shop for a PC or notebook. With a fully charged battery lasted the Philips GoGear staggering 41 hours. The energy of the other test participants included generally for 18 to 24 hours. The Archos 3Cam vision and had to Teac MP-580 already after 9 hours for refueling at the outlet.
Request title will be dubbed with a program like Windows Media Player or WinAmp. Exception: The iPod requires Apple's iTunes software. The iPod synchronizes with the music selection that makes it on the PC. The data Geiger formally on the unit - four to six times faster than the competition.
Apple, Samsung and Sony use for data transfer via USB connection on their own variants. Where the cable is lost or broken, you have to buy an expensive special cable manufacturer. A replacement cable for the Apple iPod nano for example, costs 19 euros. Standard USB cable from only one to two euros.

Best sound by Philips and Samsung
The headphone outputs of Apple, Philips, Samsung and Sandisk delivered great sound - there's been little to complain about. The Sony gave some little height, the models from Archos, Creative, and Teac Odys too little bass. The Odys X88 Globe, the Archos 43 also suffered from vision with minimal distortion.
But the earphones primarily determine the sound impression. Provided here with deep bass and clean highs Philips and Samsung, the best results. Rich bass also provided the in-ear models from Creative, but the treble sounded dull. The audience of the other devices provided by common enough bass and the sound impression changed a bit with each head movement.

Conclusion: The winner in PC World comparison test
With great sound and decent features, the Samsung YP-R0 sat at the head of the test field. Value-winner was the Odys X88 Globe. He offered the most features and provides via the TV program for entertainment even if the music is stored is complete.

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