SEO Tricks-Tips for getting high traffic to your website

My Traffic tips and experiences

1.      Content - Each site live from the content. Write good articles about her to your site from the fit. It does not get any back and there are already separated the chaff from the wheat directly. Considering always in your content that you write for the readers. This also applies to making money. Addiction relevant ads to your content from. Who writes a report on search engine optimization can, for example an affiliate link on SEO software with the position to be included in. This might also interest your readers.

2.      Popular Topics - Nothing is better for a website or blog, high-quality articles on a popular topic. Links from other sites, the bubbling, the comments make a lot of interaction in the article and the site will greatly benefit from it.

3.      SEO - search engines can bring many visitors to the site very much. It is therefore very important to deal with this topic. A few basics for search engine optimization should take into account each. In the category of SEO tips article takes you some search engine optimization. to an alternative's also s1-seo many good tips.

4.      Social news sites - These services are incredibly important. Who his articles regularly, google, Seoigg (for articles about SEO), etc. published, many new visitor is using the links provided. Here's ABC's blog are almost 10% of visitors alone on the left of t3n.This is an impressive number also go on google and Seoigg always some new readers into the site. It's up to me to make regular readers to visit them. What should I say more: How do you manage growth. In the article How to bring traffic social news portals? you can read more on this subject.

5.      Leave A Comment - Everyone has a blog roll and a network with other webmasters or bloggers can also quickly formed. Check out these websites and to use the opportunity to record comments. This definitely brings traffic. Useful articles and additional comments on pages with good attendance figures bring some visitors more. Some of these visitors may even regular readers of your own site. Be quick, because many bloggers, judging by the comments a few weeks for individual articles. Who has contributed to the meaningful Article something whose link is then part for years in the comments to also often read articles.

6.      Needs of visitors - why visitors come to the site? What are their needs?Congratulations, if you manage to answer such questions. The keywords that visitors to the site, come on, must be evaluated. They are the key to success. Who knows the needs of its visitors with articles and also covers, is seen to be successful long term.

7.      New items regularly - Just a blog to post new items regularly need. This is important.In time, creates a certain expectation among readers. The best is of course if you can publish a new article every day. If this is not enough time to at least 3 tries to publish articles per week. I've done in here so cut. A key point is that the quality of the article does not suffer.

8.      Social networks - Approximately 1% of visitors come to my account to ABC News. In my articles Top 10 Twitter tools and the best Twitter plugins, widgets and tools I describe some good ways to use Twitter and profitable involvement in a blog. There are many other Web 2.0 services. Especially new Facebook can bring many visitors to the site. You should therefore also have a Facebook page set up and link to your website is. There is next to Mister-Wong, Digg, Link ARENA many other Web 2.0 services that can be stored at those links. These pages should be used. Offers on your website the way links services quickly to save it. The recommendations put the link one or more other visitors to the site. My article Top 10 Wordpress Plugins for promotion of their own social profiles! Lists some plugins that Wordpress users can embed their video in. Thus social networks are automatically included. In the article link building through social bookmarking you can read more information on this topic.

9.      Forums - Active participation in a forum can be very helpful and all, bring to a lot of traffic. Here I answer now and then. If it fits the content (but only if) I link on my posts. Is this your site a little known, all the runs automatically? Then also link to other users of the blog articles. About Google Alerts I get more and more that my articles are often linked in forums, too. This is good and usually also brings targeted traffic.

10.  Interaction with readers - Here in the ABC News-I answer regularly to the comments of the visitors. This is very important to me because that I have the opportunity to talk with me directly to my readers. The reader also binds to the blog.

11.  Web Design - A sophisticated design of a website is crucial for success. The best content is more or less worthless if the page does not have good web design. It was investigated several times and is controversial. Visitors to decide in the first few seconds whether they want the site to stay on or not. A bad design generally leads to fast exit from the side. Good design keeps the site in good memory and the readers come back. Uniqueness is the keyword here.

12.  Guest Product review - It is a good thing to write a guest blog article in another. Those who visit a site with high numbers and writes in an article in it's own page the link gets guarantees many new visitors through this link. But even guest articles by others on your pages to bring new visitors. Why? Most of the guests to link to write their articles. This provides a valuable link and additional visitors. Who here would like to write a guest article can be happy about the contact request. Is important to me above all that the article fits well into the My blog content.

What do new comers should blog?

Especially for beginners are recommended first of all the social news sites. The first visitors to the site and also provide a corresponding link on the World Wide Web. Even on forums you can get quickly and without much effort visitors. Basically, of course, good and regular articles are very important. A good design and a lot of interaction can become regular readers of the visitors.

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