Top 10 WordPress Plugins for Security free download

Plugins for security with the increasing life span of a WordPress blog and more important as the safety risks are greater. WordPress is the most widely used blogging platform and therefore must be protected against hacker attacks. This article describes some Plugins that help, WordPress safer.

Here's my top 10 security Plugins for WordPress

First WordPress Database Backup database be made with this plugin can backup the entire WordPress. Every blogger should install this plugin. No matter whether a hacker attack, a faulty plug or only your own stupidity to a WordPress Crash have led to easy, can save a backup of the blog life. An alternative to the WordPress Database Backup is backup WordPress.

2nd Ask Apache Password Protect This tool with the WP admin area by htaccess password protection secure. This log is undesirable bots the more difficult.

3rd Semi-Secure Login Reimagined The semi Secure Login Re-imagined increases security by encrypting the WordPress login password. Java Script must be enabled. The tool is an alternative if no SSL is available for.

4th WP Security Scan Scans your WordPress installation for weaknesses in security and makes proposals on how the vulnerabilities can be eliminated.

5th Force SSL With Force SSL are simply http requests in secure https requests forwarded.

6th Secure Files with visitors limited to the plugin can upload and download files to notified of this. Requirement is a plugin that blog visitors asking for registration before a page is displayed.

7th Akismet Probably the most famous WordPress Plugin for SPAM fighting.

8th WP-spam free An alternative to Akismet. Also this plugin combats spam.

9th Replace WP-Version Removes or replaces the version of WordPress here. An alternative is the entry in the header.php <meta name = "generator" content = "WordPress <? php bloginfo ('version');?>" /> by <meta name = "generator" content = "A WordPress blog. " /> to replace. Then at least the version of WordPress is no longer displayed.

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