5 types of effective training for your dog.

Dogs play an important role in the lives of humans. That's why they are called 'the best friend of man’. Although they love unconditionally, love to laugh and we play hard, they sometimes tend to bad behavior. It is therefore vital for owners to train their dog to have a 'member' of the family with good manners. The dog training allows a better relationship between dog and owner. The method of dog training such as training rewards by helping to build a relationship of trust and cooperation between dog and owner.
There are different types of dog training today. Depending on your needs and what you think is most suitable for your dog, you can choose one or a combination of the following types for training your dog.
1. Basic Obedience: This is the kind of basic training that all dogs should have to begin. They must have some form of obedience to their masters. Such training includes the following commands: Sit - Stay - Laying etc..
2. For exposures: This type of training builds mainly on tips for a hearing. Dogs must be able to resist distraction from various people and its environment. Some of the tricks taught are standing, moving objects and even on a tilted environment. 
3. Police Dog: Used by police, dogs are mostly trained K9 to strengthen their senses, skills and abilities. Some of these K9 will be experts in the detection of prohibited and bombs. Their sense of smell is also trained to track criminals.
4. Support Looks: Pets helping people with physical disabilities. Most of the people to help blind, disabled or have serious medical problems. Such training is expensive, especially if we prefer an animal professionally trained and certified. 
5. Search and Rescue: With a great sense of smell, these types of dogs find missing persons in large part thanks to their keen sense of smell. They find these people through human scent of the missing.
These are just some of the basic types of training your dog. With the instructor and the unique qualities of your dog, you have a pet that will be useful not only to one family but to society. Detect the qualities of your dog and see what kind of training is best for him.

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