Review: HP Mini 210

The lid of the HP Mini 210-2000sg is in matt black, as are the bottom case. HP has the rest covered with matte silver, and the keyboard. On the bottom screw holes do not interfere or covers the flawless face: the looks elegant, but makes it difficult for upgrades to reach the memory.

Staying power in the battery test
HP packs a big battery with 66 watt-hours into the mini-210-2000sg: make the bag held in the test by very long, for example, over ten hours with wireless browsing. However, it is more difficult with 1340 grams, a touch than most netbooks.
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The equipment contains no special features: 250 GB hard drive, Windows 7, three USB 2.0 ports, 11n WLAN - which we know from other current netbooks. Bluetooth does not have the HP Mini. The network jack is protected by a plastic cover. To connect audio devices, the HP Mini 210-2000sg only one sockets. The installed software dominates the current Office 2010 out in Starter Edition. In addition, the HP Mini has 210, the tool Quick Web: Instead of directly booting Windows, you can start in about ten seconds of this mini-Linux. Where you have Internet access, chat, can listen to music and view photos. The hard disk has to read the Quick Web. However, the tool often reacted very slowly.

The screen is nice, but not good
The screen and frame are sitting behind a glass door: This so-called frameless design looks very pretty. However, it is very susceptible to reflections. Since the screen is not very bright or exceptionally high contrast, well for the HP Mini 210 at home rather than outside.
The HP Mini 210-2000sg test was a touch faster than other Netbooks with the Atom N450, since HP rotating hard disk into the netbook has quickly built a. More benefits in everyday life bring the quiet and stable Chiclets keyboard design: The keys have a clear pressure point. A touch of Macbook spread the touchpad of the HP Mini: The keys are like the great model in the touchpad area. The fan was very quiet in the experiment at any time. In this way he can but the heat is not fast enough to carry out housing: The bottom of the netbook was therefore in operation over 40 degrees.

Test Result
The handsome case and long battery life raise the HP Mini 210 netbook 2000sg out of the mediocrity. Another plus is the very comfortable keyboard. To the top class but lacks an anti-reflective and brighter screen and Bluetooth.

Alternatives: Even longer holds the Samsung N220 Marvel-Plus through. The netbook also has an anti-glare screen, which is not particularly bright.


Test Category
Netbook Maker
HP's Internet Address
Price (MSRP)
349 €
HP's product support
Manufacturer's warranty
12 months

Mobility (30%)
Screen (18%)
Equipment (17%)
Keyboard (12%)
Speed (10%)
Environment & Health (5%)
Audio quality (5%)
Service (5%)
Test score
satisfying (3.48)
Value for money


CPU (processor)
Intel Atom N455 (1.66 GHz)
GPU / video memory
Intel GMA 3150 / 256 MB
Bios version / video driver
F.02 /
Screen: Size / Resolution
25.7 cm (10.1 inches) / 1024 x 600 pixels
Audio ports, 3x USB 2.0, VGA, card reader (SD, MS / Pro), LAN, Internet Camera
233 GB / 1011 MB available
DVD drive
LAN / WLAN / Bluetooth / UMTS
Fast Ethernet (10/100) / 802.11g / no / no
Manual: substantial  / printed / PDF
yes / yes / no / yes
Operating system / other software
Windows 7 /
Key size
17.5 mm / 0
Mouse: Handling / multi touch / scroll area
6 / yes / no
Service Hotline:  / weekend service / access / through / by mail to reach
Yes / 10 hours / yes / yes
Website:  / manual available / driver available / Utilities available
yes / yes / yes / yes

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