Black hat or white hat SEO?

Why white hat SEO?

Black or white, this title has nothing to do with the title of the famous singer disappear a few days ago.
We're talking about SEO techniques.
Long, these techniques are broadly classified into two categories, black hat and white hat SEO. As often, the white are the "good guys" and black are the villains.
But how does one differentiate the black hat SEO and white hat? Why favor one technique to another and in what situation?

A little history

Many people agree to say that these designations of "black hats and white hats" come from old Hollywood clich├ęs when the good guys wore cowboy hats, the color you can imagine and bad the other color (it should be said that it was easier to pass the screen for movies in black and white).
Today, the white hat SEO will use techniques that comply with quality advice from search engines, SEO Black Hat will instead try to find "flaws" in what he perceives the algorithm a motor and try to use techniques condemned by them to improve the position of its web pages in the results.

When to use White Hat techniques?

The use of white hat techniques to optimize websites is what we always advise our clients.
In many cases, they have sites they wish to make and sustain over time. They do not want to risk downgrading brutal related tracking technique "banned" by Google (once again, we mention this engine because it has 90% market share in France).
Despite these precautions, the risk of changing the positioning is already an important, but if the site is optimized for numerous applications and in conformity with the guidelines of the engines, it will suffer less variation algorithm can be induced by the addition of these filters.

Instead, black hat techniques are often another goal.

Using black hat techniques is very effective when it aims to get high traffic for a limited time (if you know your event website goes live only a few months, it's tempting).
When the application of these techniques is a long-term positioning, they prove quite costly in time, as the game of hide and seek is played almost daily with the search engines. If this is compatible with a personal site, and if you practice all by yourself, these techniques are hardly compatible with the site of a client for whom you work.

What techniques are white hat?

We will not here a summary of 70% of the articles of our blog, because usually we describe these techniques through them. Say that in general, these techniques do not involve fools the search engines, but to put everything in practice to avoid putting obstacles in their wheels. The objective is to facilitate the indexing of pages and understanding of their themes and content.
Google even gives many tips in applying these techniques; you will find these tips here. Other tips are also given as to avoid falling to the dark side.

What techniques are black hat?

The list is long ... and fluctuating because search engines do their best to combat them.
Our intention is not to give advice to that effect. Generally these techniques are still a thing to show a content engine optimized architecture that will not see the internet.
10 years ago, it was still possible to write in white on a white background (and it still works ... sometimes a few weeks). Nowadays, the cloaking techniques are usually preferred. They are to distinguish spam from search engines based on various parameters (user agent, IP) to present content that is different from that presented to the user. Games 301s may also be occasionally used.
Annexes techniques benefit from hot linking image or content or even use some APIs in a roundabout way of search engines. Still others involve spamming blogs and forums in order to increase its number of backlinks.

Is there a middle ground?

It is usual to call this the middle "gray hat SEO" (gray hat).
In practice, we can say that this concerns the practical implementation techniques are not formally banned by search engines (we never use the term "illegal" that are often found on the forums, because the worst cloaking does not take you to jail, took the only risk is to be de-indexed or blacklisted a motor). But among the engines, which is not forbidden is not necessarily allowed either. Turns of phrase councils Google sometimes leave unanswered questions.
These techniques are border-line often practiced in cases of extreme competition on a key phrase. Often because they are the quickest way to pull ahead of the game "punishments" are often applied short, these techniques are used to limit risk taking over time, because you can try your luck in asking re-index your site after doing the housework. Very often, these techniques involve the integration of textual content in a more or less openly visible.

Is the black hat SEO is wrong?

Do not be evil "Google says. For them, the answer is clearly yes, it's very bad, dirty, yuck!
On the merits, the exploration of these techniques, however, is something exciting (not always profitable in the long term, but exciting). That often going for something that one is on track for a result that was expected and not that we can use for a few weeks, months, years, before a penalty (or termination) do you fall over.
It is just as exciting as it forces him to dig his head to try to understand how a search engine, it allows to get into the shoes of a Google engineer and imagine what we would do to counter these techniques, or demonstrates that Google can not (yet) to eliminate them.

You will understand, for our customers, our hat is now pure white.

For ourselves, and some sites that we manage on our behalf, we sometimes played with fire but are now repentant.
We usually taken huge rakes over the distance, but during the few years that these techniques worked, they were lucrative.
The focus would now rather be whiter than white because our small team in a hard address to the army engineers who faces us.
This does not prevent us from happily plunge in a timely manner, but only for the game at SEO contest (see attitude black), or simply for testing. And quite frankly, it's always exciting to go play the other side of the fence, you know, the one which is displayed on the large billboard ban.

So white or  black?

First, there is no nice and nasty. The "game" is simply to position themselves in the results of a search engine, no lives are put at stake and the black does not pollute the planet more than the white.
For my part, I tend to think that black hat SEO has many advantages:
  •  It can look so very trainer for the operation of search engines.
  •  It avoids the Google engineers to rest on their laurels, and questioning is one of the best drivers of innovation

In parallel, it has many drawbacks, including
  •    Its very time-bound side of the passion it engenders quickly.
  •  Its appearance on the day a very risky method leads to blacklisting

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