Top 10 amazing and free wordpress themes 2010 for download

Theme 1: WordPress Fun
Wordpress Fun Theme
This theme is based on a 2-column layout which has a thumbnail integration of built-in support. Also in the template directly a "Featured Post" function included which of your blog articles can promote interactivity. The theme was designed by Maleika Attawel and on the blog smashing magazine published. It is a trendy comic look held in and for smaller ones are more suitable mainly non-commercial blog.Funny, crunchy and stylish it comes.
Theme 2: Royal Blue
Royal Blue
Royal Blue is a "magazine-like"WordPress template with 3 columnsthat great with plenty of advertisements and content can assemble themselves. The design is very modern style and affects the viewer very fresh and appealing. The main color blue color highlights that fresh. The theme is also well adsenseready and considers the Blog Admin "commercials"ready. One, I think, really successful theme, from which one can pick out some fresh ideas with. The Desing sprang from the pen of
Theme 3: DeeMX
Deemx WordPress Template
A 2-column, rather spartan-sounding theme that stands out because of the bright colors. Blue, white and in modern forms, it gives this a unique WordPress theme elegant . Since, as already mentioned, has only 2 columns, blogs, this template is more suitable for smaller. Even a "Adsense ready function" One looks in vain.Nevertheless, a nice and attractive theme out of the house
Theme 4: BizzFresh
BizzFresh Theme
The three columns WordPress theme does not only beautiful but offers some nice features that should satisfy even larger blog projects entirely. The theme is "widget ready","plugin ready"(Gravatar,PageNavi, ShareThis, post ratings), and also offers yet a clean and SEO friendly code. This template is free to available
Theme 5: Ghacks
Ghacks WordPresstheme
Even in this modern web 2.0 style theme coming from it is based on athree-column layout, which is its clear structure and a solid color stands out. A large banner area can be designed various options regarding the design of this wordpress themes. The 3 columns also provide sufficient space for various functions and advertising integration. Widget Ready and Plugikompatibel this is an ideal companion for large video projects. To find there is this theme on
Theme 6: Langit Theme
Langit Theme
We come to a theme that lies very close to my heart. From the same forge as my O2 Design is the Langit template of This veryWeb 2.0 -compliant WordPress theme stands next to his three-columnfunctionality also because of the strong and distinctive coloring. Great graphics, articulated structures and a generally fresh website design give the necessary attention to your visitors. Widget Ready, with numerous plugin compatible and Adsense, it is ideally suited to the blog to go into business. But it tests itself best
Theme 7: Illacrimo
Illacrimo WordPresstheme
Illacrimo is a very high quality, 3-column WordPress theme, which exudes a certain level of seriousness. The blue held mainly layout features in the 2-fold Sidebar sufficient for various functions and features place by a clear structure. Obviously, the search field in a very prominent position locates and offers visitors the opportunity to quickly and specifically relevant for items "lookout" to keep. Widget Ready and adsense it is also too. Also, an additional, horizontally mounted navigation bar provides greater ease of use. This theme was published on
Theme 8: WP Premium
WP Premium WordPress Theme
According to its name this is three columns WordPress template with many functions and features provided, the bloggers have higher heart beat each. It offers the possibility of between a 2 or 3 columns layout switch and the blog design to adapt to his needs thus. It is also, of course, how could it be otherwise, widget ready and can be made from three color CSS Styles select - brown, black or red. Nor can it directly into the template's advertising codes and Adsense snippetsinputting. A really very individually designed theme from the house.
Theme 9: Stand Over
magazine-like layout presents a wide range of content and most appealing in a modern Web 2.0 look. Large fonts and clumsy graphicsmake this WordPress template with the necessary "something." thumbnails, which "custom fields" the articles associated with the care for an increased attention of your readers. Without much graphical "frills" magazine layout may well exist. 
Theme 10: Massive News
Massiv News WordPress Theme
Also, the last theme of the month in July is a magazine style layout has WordPress template. Plenty of room for content, images and your ideas, the massive news theme. Many functions that user-defined fields are provided and, when "blog major projects" for the necessaryfeatures. A nice gimmick is as the "featured article carousel", which selected Blog posts presented in a rotating manner. Nice to see, and very practical. But at best it is testing it myself I found this theme on

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