How to find right keyword for your website?

The right keywords for search engine optimization today are worth gold. For two reasons: it's own website (the custom content) found by search engines is better and in the results pages of search engine finds a place near the top - and when to use as Google ads, more ads are shown, click its revenue is very high . For example, were long-time law firms and private investigators popular keywords on Google Ads. For example, there was Google Ads, Ads that brought in about $ 40 for a click to the webmaster. Who then on a Google ad advertising clicked detective gave the Webmaster often high revenues.

There is a group of bloggers who blog really only for Google Ads - they find the right keywords and tinker a blog, or they report on their blogs / websites on the topics of which they are based, that a click brings in a lot of money . Therefore, the keyword is the market and won very few people want to reveal his tricks, or the money-making keywords.
Right keywords or keyword themes to find the order can be either a little thought and Find out to get them (which industry has money, or would a lot of money ad spend, as they desperately customer needs - to arrive? clients and lawyers Investigation, carpenter, for example, banks, etc.) or to use software. For example, the Google Keyword Tool

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