How to make titles that increase traffic?

The title is the main element that is visualized when accessing content writing.
If you have a blog, your shares will also drown in the midst of other titles, especially in case you have cleverly placed it on sites like digg or aggregators.
The wording of your title is therefore essential to attract the attention of readers.

How to write catchy headlines?

  • Your title must meet a target to which it is intended.
  • Your title should make a promise (promise of a result)
  • Your title should arouse interest, push click

The essential rule is that the content following the title should really take the promise of it. The internet hate being cheated. If once it finds that your headline is not followed by a real answer substantiated, it will catalog your blog or content as the pitch and did not leave no doubt take over. You've lost a reader.

Let us turn to examples of titles and possible formulations.

   To familiarize yourself with this technique then do not hesitate to peel the press, you will find numerous other examples

How - (promise of a result)
How to write titles that increase traffic? is the title of this article. There was a question by proposing a future result expected by the target. This formulation is common. How to lose weight in three days? How to be first on Google? How to seduce Jennifer Lopez? I managed to understand how the Google algorithm! ...

10 ways - (waiting on the drive)
10 ways to get into the SERP. 10 tips to boost your ranking. 10 secrets of SEO. In general, the reader likes the iterations, the lists in which he will be able to pick what suits him. Again, the reader is promised solutions to its expectations.

Something infallible - (waiting on the drive)
The method is similar to the example above. Something infallible gain positions in Google. A little-known trick for making money on the Internet. A foolproof method for blacklisted your competitors. Readers will love the tips and tricks that are new enough not to have been used by many others.

Done (waiting on the drive) as (the hero)
SEO made effective . Play rugby like Sebastien Chabal. Lose the pounds like Karl Lagerfield. It takes a hero is concerned about the recognition and proposes to the reader to acquire the same skills.

Who wants (reader's attention)
Who Wants to ... (you see that you knew). Who wants to win 10 seats on Google? Who wants to reduce its costs of web design? Again, it titillates, it plays on the hope of a solution to the high expectations of the target that we aim.

How are - (a model for the target)
How to make the best SEOs? How Bill Gates became a billionaire? How Google became the leading search engines? In this case, we choose a model of success to attract the reader's attention, and it promises to detail the method used by this sample acknowledged.

Delete - (wish the reader)
Delete your competitors from Google. Remove any excess weight. Kill your opponents in Scrabble. It plays on greed, whatever the means employed. If the title is not always moral, this will provide him all the more click through rate.

Sell his wife for auction!
Bribe an employee of Google! Scammed his housekeeper! Sell her baby!
We play here on a totally immoral as to stir curiosity. It is generally more difficult to provide tangible content behind this type of grip and exercise is a bit perilous, but the click rate is virtually assured.

To go further, peel the titles of the scandal magazines, watch for ads galore, you'll find many examples on which to base your thoughts.
Warning! Unless you manage a blog fame, this type of headline should not be used routinely for all your items. Especially in case you want your loyal readers (yes, to get backlinks band of scoundrels). It is best then to alternate with more standard titles.

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