Top and best Netbooks & Tablet PCs reviews

The cheap and small netbooks received with Tablet PCs such as the iPad strong competition. Both are ideal for traveling. But if you want to sit while surfing or work comfortably on the couch or the balcony, both devices provide good service classes: they are easy to hold in the battery mode by using the two one can easily surf wireless. But despite these similarities, a netbook many, including the iPad is not capable of, and vice versa, there are situations where you are better off with a tablet than with a mini-notebook.
What class of device suits you depends on what you use a netbook or tablet. And of course on the specific product: Who speaks of the Tablet, said although most of the Apple iPad. But there are tablets with a smaller or a larger screen. Another example of the differences between individual Tablet PCs: It does not cover iPad Flash video can use the tablet with Android version 2.2, while Linux or Windows Tablet thus should have no problem.
Internet Surfing
For the web-surfing Tablets unbeatable. Some like the iPad or We Tab see more of a web page, because they have a higher resolution than the netbooks. With simple finger gestures are magnified on the Tablet flash websites or moves. And the position sensor everything always turns into the right format.
Photos and Movies
Even the actors from the photo Tablets finger advantage: It rotates and zooms up with a gesture, leafing through photo albums with a wipe. On a bright, high contrast screen like that of the Apple iPad see pictures of even better than a netbook. But if you want to take extensive photo collections always, the netbook is the better choice: Because of the mini-laptop offers more storage space. He is better as a photo or as a storage tank for movies. 
Windows on a netbook you can also get movies always kind of working: For a missing codec is quickly downloaded and installed. Tablets are however set to specific video formats to which you have to convert the movies before playing. This method has the advantage, however, that the film will be played smoothly. For netbooks, the other hand is not guaranteed, especially when it comes to movies in HD resolution.
A similar problem you have with software for Tablet and Notebook: In itself, is open to all Netbook Windows world: so much software selection is not even the Apple App Store. However, most programs are not adapted for the limited computing power of the Netbooks: What has been going smoothly on a notebook or PC may be inoperable on the Mini. Apps for Tablets like the iPad are instead the best adapted to the hardware: you start quickly and run smoothly.
If you want to work on the mobile computer (or must), there is no way past the netbook. Texts, spreadsheets and presentations can be customized with a keyboard and create and edit simple. The on-screen keyboard, the tablet is not suitable for longer texts: it is less cumbersome to use and tap on the glass surface can tire your fingers faster. Although you can connect most tablet with a Bluetooth keyboard, but then they are so big and bulky like a notebook.
Netbooks are significantly less expensive than tablets: For less than 4000 Around Dollars you have a large selection of current netbooks. Tablets were mostly cost Around Dollars 5000 or more luxury models like the iPad WiFi + 3G 64 GB of memory or the Samsung Galaxy Tab even just under 8000 Around Dollars.
On the following pages we present you with the best netbook and tablet.

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