How to make a blog popular and increase traffic- Easiest way

How to make people want to read a blog?

Making a popular blog does not happen overnight (unless called Madonna or Matt Cutts, but it's not my case). It is an action that builds over time. The theoretical advice, they are found everywhere, so I'll rather tell you what I actually did on the blog .

Some content are: 

In fact, the sinews of war. If you want your visitors coming and coming back, they must offer something. The distribution of champagne is not possible on a blog, the only thing concrete and sustainable you can give it content.
If your articles are a little bit interesting, and if they correspond to the targets that you set, you'll end up having visitors because it will eventually come out. The content represents the foundation of your blog. Without it, no hearing.
For my part, I have rather chosen to be broadly in-depth articles, one must believe that the air to please.
But this is not enough ...

A little self

A blog is a communication tool. In this case, this blog is one of the communication tools of the agency. But since I am the founder of this web agency is on a more personal note I have chosen to communicate.
Unlike more institutional discourse of our site, the blog sometimes leaves reflected my mood, I give my opinion, I reply to comments, in short, this is more an institution or company that runs it is a fact of human flesh and bone with his emotions, his personality.
This pleases or does not like it, but it is a way not to let indifferent.

A bit of editorial consistency

Overall, this blog never mentions bike or kite, yet I love it, but my visitors are mainly interested in topics related to website creation and especially for referencing.
Luckily, SEO is one of my passions. So I made the choice to treat this issue primarily. It’s reassuring to know that my visitors find the relevant info.
Consistency issues and the editorial is a key to success.

A bit of altruism

I sincerely believe that one must have a real desire to give when you run a blog. Nowadays, information is ubiquitous in our lives. If you do not bring something extra, if you only copy what has been said elsewhere, your visitors will tire.
Giving can be translated in several ways. A concrete example on this blog are the SEO test.

A few guest Bloging

The life of a blog, it is rhythm, it is sequence, which is why the issue has become a Sunday tradition on this blog. This seems to please.
But to break this rhythm occasionally Poppa, I tried twice the guest Bloging proposing at the beginning of each year outside intervention. That this year was very strong with over 15 articles referencing STARs 

A little competition

Again, the idea is to bring some dynamism. With the  last little organized play, the audience to climb significantly. Moreover, in this regard, it is clear that the quality or fun aspect of the game is more important than the gift.
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

A little tweet

And some say killed Twiter blogs. When I see for example Philip meet one of my tweets by a full article , I tell myself that it really is not.
Instead, Twitter is a great way to promote your articles. As long as you have a minimum of followers.
The phone works fine Arabic.

A little spam

In both directions from elsewhere. On the one hand, I leave the spotlight to those who come to intelligently comment on my articles offering beautiful BL dofollow. On the other hand, I put my signature when I comment in others.
When possible and that one of my articles may provide additional information to the blog that I comment, I also left a URL. This allows me to gain some targeted visitors.
The highlighting of info on this blog as a support S2M is also a method of providing traffic (Thanks David and Valerie). There are certainly similar supports your theme.
And do not be stingy with outbound links, you will make.

A bit of scandal

Ablaze! Occasionally, a bit touchy subjects or innovative building buzz. It's a way to see its items listed to the right and left or retwitter to be vying.
This was for instance the case of items such as:
  •  A webmaster sentenced to death as strong as in Here
  • Online stores will close on Sunday a nice fish 
  •  SEO Site Audit Rachides Dati who has buzzed
  •   How spamming a blog 's SEO all thieves have read

The controversial topics may also attract people

Much time

I'm not going to remake it in color, I have already spoken, manage a blog, it takes time.

In summary:

So now you know the recipes that have enabled the success of small blog in the blogosphere. So I want to add two things:

Wikio And in all this?

If Wikio gave me above all a pretext to write this article I give you my impression on me that this service relates. The visits are very low, but the backlinks made by all the blogs displaying the top 20 in dofollow are not negligible. In parallel, I do not understand the attacks that they are sometimes subject because I've never had to complain.
Classification is available from the logo to the right (think go see the other blogs, they are also very well.


I did nothing special to get a good position in the Wikio ranking, I just applied the methods described above to make this popular blog.
Basically, much work as the Page Rank. Do not worry about more than that, it will come alone and it does not really hits. It's just nice couplet to ask on the chimney and can show off at parties ;-)

 I do not pretend in any way hold the truth, but this short list of methods is certainly transferable to your own blog. Since its inception, the blog rises in audience each month. 

                                                          Happy  blogging.

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