Some facts about the don 'Google'

It is now official: "Google" the word in the dictionary and means exactly what you're thinking - looking for something on the web via Google. But Google is much more than just a search engine.

That you can change the settings in Google to obtain such results only in a specific language or only from sites that were changed in the last six months, now every child knows. But did you know what out of the Google Internet search provides the entire still so?

The search engine for scientists 
There is for example, Google Scholar ( This search engine scours any websites, but scientific, master's theses and doctoral dissertations, articles of academic publishers and the like. So you can specifically identify the most important research for its own area of expertise. 
Internet mail redefined 
Gmail is still in beta, like many of the services Google offers. But some users swear by it and even use a different mail provider more. Gmail currently offers 2.7 GB of disk space, POP3 retrieval, and a very sophisticated system to manage your mail. So you can a mail with any number of self-defined "tags" provided, rather than be placed in a folder. The Mail's sister Kirsten, in which it comes to gifts for Christmas can be for example with the keywords "family, Kirsten, Christmas gifts" provided and in this way recovered easily. 
Private Intelligence 
Google Alerts ( notifies the user via email as soon as the network appears something specific, user-defined keyword contains. So we are interested in for farmers' paintings of the 18th Century in Lower Austria, one can enter the relevant keywords and may be curious about what Google shall encourage from the depths of the network revealed. 
Photos noise on cue 
The Google's image search is certainly well known. The results will be issued on the basis of keywords in file names, and HTML documents, in which an image is embedded. File formats are JPEG, PNG and GIF. 
Calendar with reminder function
Google Calendar ( is a service in English in the beta phase. The Online Calendar reminds the user upon request by e-mail of upcoming events. 
Search, find, buy 
Although many believe that the normal Google search yields too many commercial offerings as a result - if one really looks like it buy something, you should choose Froogle, which helps you find specific products at online retailers. (Http:// 
Online notebook for Firefox 
Google Notebook ( is very useful for Firefox users. The small extension allows you to save pictures and text from the network in a virtual notebook, together with their own notes. This notebook can also be accessed from other computers as long as the extension is installed. 
Spreadsheet for everyone 
The current Web 2.0 trend, offering Google Spreadsheets ( the ability to create tables online and save. AJAX and a current browser make it possible. 
Video makes users happy 
YouTube is not the only ones to make videos to upload it and download it. Google Video ( has jumped on the train and also offers this possibility. 
Build your website 
A website? No problem with Google Pages ( and easy to create one here without any knowledge of HTML a simple homepage. 
Blog search, and create 
Blogger ( is one of the most popular free blogging services - and an offer from Google. And if you search specific content in weblogs, one has to choose between Google and 
All this is just a small portion of the various Google services, programs like Google Desktop Search, Google Earth, Picassa; Google still does not take into account Sketch Up, but are confined to the Internet services. At Google Labs ( or ( one finds the latest features and innovations. Want to bet that is something for you? 

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