The best tips and tricks for Android

With our tips and tricks you get the most from Google Android, Android smartphones out of it. Unlike the Apple iPhone the Android world , however, many different hardware platforms from different manufacturers and different versions of Android split into. Also hides the real Android OS often manufacturers own user interfaces. This necessarily means that not bet on all devices or in any Android-version of any work. 
Export your contacts in Outlook / Outlook Express as CVS file (In Outlook 2010, see the menu for this under "File, Open, Import, Export to File, Comma Separated Values (Windows). The CSV file then import into Gmail (contacts, further actions Import "). You can now take the former Outlook contacts on the Android smart phone available. Detects Google Android duplicate contacts, it merges them.
Tip: Organize your Outlook contacts prior to export and sort you no longer need contacts.
In the test of PC World import our Outlook contacts into Gmail Contacts worked fine.
The import of the contact of an old SIM card to the new smartphone is however much easier: Insert old SIM card, and select "Contacts, Menu button, import, import from SIM card".

It's the apps from the Android Market, which make a smartphone only to Swiss army knife and egg-laying all trades. But: Do not install any hesitation app that you run across. This is true for apps from Google's Android Market as well as for apps from other sources (so they can install those apps at all, you must allow under settings, applications, unknown sources). The security concept of Android is based in making sure that every app stays within its sandbox, which is within its assigned storage area and within their virtual machine.
Before installing, you informed Android can access in the future to places where the newly installed app (this information is available on the manifest of the app). Read this information carefully and then decide whether you agree with it. If a simple ebook will have access to system settings, your text messages and phone calls, you should have once again carefully considered whether you have the apps is worth it. And refuse to install if necessary. Sometimes it happens that one would already install on your Smartphone App subsequently more rights. Please read even if an update for this grant and decide exactly where appropriate, against it.
Android presented long time by default only three Home screens available, depending on the smartphone manufacturer, the number may now be significantly higher in HTC Sense are there, for example, there were seven, as in Samsung Touch Wiz. Home screens, you should use this to store links for the most frequently used apps, or via Widget Super-fast access to frequently used functions. One example is the flight mode, widget, with all the data and mobile connections with a press of a finger on and off. Likewise, even folders directly down on the home screen. And you can also put a phone number directly to the home screen and call via Buy-election or send a message. Do this you press and hold the screen and select from the appearing menu shortcut select either a direct message or speed dial, depending on whether you call or SMS.

Android has a fairly intelligent memory and process management to prevent resources being wasted. But who wants to avoid, however, that are unnecessary many apps automatically at the start of the Android system can install the 69 cents expensive "Auto Start".

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