List of Best SEO Tools which are essential for a website

Here is a comprehensive list of the best SEO tools to optimize the own WordPress blog.

Search engine optimization, traffic, keywords, analysis tools, statistics and more.

In this report, a place their list of available free on the Internet SEO tools, programs, links and software related to the topic of search engine optimization. What positions are the best ways to improve the search engine in? What keyphrases should be used of your own website on? What tools should be used to improve the link quality, link popularity and Google Pagerank to be used? Answers to these and other questions will be answered in this post. Here, a finds her the list of the best SEO tools to optimize a WordPress blog. The basis for this post are the 136 SEO tools SEO Company Canada, the most comprehensive list of SEO-references and tools. More information can also be the SEO section "Web Developer's Handbook" will be taken of.

List of Best SEO Tools

Alexa Ranking
Backlink Tools
Domain: popularity and statistics tools
  • Popularity of the domain identify domain analysis shows popularity backlinks with the IP address and the Google page rank for the verified domain at all.
  • urltrends Provides statistics on the popularity of a website.
  • Domain Age Tool This determines the age of multiple domains in years and months.
  • Statistics determine the domain statistics to determine domain WebConfig. Statistics including back links to Google, Yahoo and MSN.
  • HTTP / HTTPS Header Check Shows the HTTP header that is returned by the Web server if the URL is requested. Works with HTTP and HTTPS URLs.
  • HTTP Header View This tool also displays the HTTP headers.
  • Domain Dossier Provides information to the domain and IP address to many.
  • Reverse IP analysis of the reverse IP analysis you get with domains to a specific IP address delivered all.
Google Page Rank Checker, Adwords Keyword Tool and Google Banned Tools
  • Google Pagerank Check This tool checks the Google Pagerank of the various data centers.
  • Page Rank Tool This tool is similar to the Link tool vendor is not as extensive (Linkvendor resultative provides more data centers).
  • Pagerank determine Pagerank Determines and compares the different pages. During my tests despite faster connection too slow.
  • Vendor Link Pagerank Check the best in my testing tool for calculating PageRank. It is whole web page with all posts and analyzes the individual PR's displayed. The process will take a little longer. It is worth it!
  • Google AdWords Keyword Tool The Keyword tool from Google can obviously not lacking in the collection. The tool provides keyword suggestions on specific websites or related keywords. Especially the search statistics for the key words are very helpful.
  • Google Banned Checker The Google Banned Checker can check whether the domain of Google failed (Banned) was.
Tools for keyword analysis, keyword density / density and keyword identification
  • Keyword Analysis Tool , what search terms are entered in the search engine? This question is answered this helpful tool for keyword analysis. Very nice is that alternative search text typed will be able to match actual.
  • Advanced Google Searches A useful tool that provides multiple ways to search Google.Thus, for example, be examined, which pages a Web occurrences of a keyword if the pages are in Google index, and whether other sides the same or similar keywords on your page to link to.
  • Linkvendor keyword density (keyword density) determine the keyword density analysis determined, keywords on a Web page which most often occur and calculates their percentage.
  • Google Sets Google Sets provide terms from the same category, ie, BMW, Mercedes Benz and Toyota tool automatically determines the Audi, Opel, VW, Honda, Mazda etc.
  • WeBuildPages Keyword Density Tool Keyword Density Listing (Keyword density) for a website. Comfortable is that the keywords for the website identified themselves by. The frequency of individual keywords specify percent. The tool is a very good idea of whether the right keywords the correct number on the website appear in. Highly recommended.
  • Keyword density and determine the competition compare URL and keywords up to pages can be entered and the results are compared. This tool can my website be the market leader, compared with, for example.
  • SEO Chat Keyword Density Tool After entering the URL does the tool keyword phrases for the website. This can be examined well if the web page also contains the correct keywords.
  • seobench Keyword Density Analyzerseobench existing keywords on a page. The tool provides results which are in a word, to consist of three words.
  • Keyword density to determine the keyword density analysis determined, keywords on a Web page which most often occur and calculates their percentage. This is one of the few tools that without the input of keywords, a keyword density of lead.
  • goRank Ontology Finder - shows alternate keywords The Ontology Finder shows synonymous terms to the keyword. For the keyword 'Jokes' Funny are synonymous term such as humor, and so on. German terms are unfortunately not included in the database.
  • check traffic - Indicates how often a keyword is entered on the day.
Link Popularity Checker, Site Link Analyzer and determine link value
  • Link Popularity Checker Link Popularity Checker to be with (Google, Yahoo and MSN) on the number of links to a specific web search engine query.
  • Site Link Analyzer The Site Link Analyzer by SEO Chat analyze a web page regarding the incoming and outgoing links. This anchor text is also given. Also images with their anchor text alt attribute) displayed (.
  • Link Value Link Value and determine the link price calculator of Link vendor calculates the value of a link to a website per month. This link value calculated from many important factors for search engines. Which they are exactly, I could not figure out unfortunately.That would be interesting to know.
Meta Tag Generator / Analysis Tools
  • HTML meta tags generate meta tag with the generator you can search engine friendly meta tags can be created.
  • Meta analysis The Meta analysis Meta Tags entered the domain with respect to their conformity with the recommendations of Google and checked the missing details.
Search Engine Position Checker / SERP Tracker and Spider Simulator
  • Keyword Search Engine Position Checks the search engine results from Google, Yahoo and MSN and entered as the position of the site for a particular keyword to the.
  • Search engine ranking analysis, keyword and enter domain and top 100 results of the search engines Google, Yahoo, Lycos, etc. see the Bing.
  • Linvendor search position analysis with the keyword position analysis domain will change the position of a specific keyword in the first 100 search results on Google, MSN and Yahoo to determine.
  • Ventio Google position tool checks the position of keywords to a specific site in the Google search results. Very simple and useful tool.
  • SERP Rank Check Checks the position of keywords to a specific site in Google and other search results.
  • Spider View The View Spider Simulator You can view websites as they are seen by search engines.
  • Search Engine Spider Simulation Tool The "Search Engine Spider Simulation shows the contents of a Web page exactly the way it sees a search engine.
Robots.txt Tools
Analyze websites
Other Tools
  • webconf URL rewriting Tool This tool helps to convert dynamic URLs into static.
  • Yahoo's Web Rank Check webconf With this tool, the Yahoo Web Rank websites reviewed are different from.
  • Geschwindkeitstest a website The Web Check measures the speed loading time of building a website in seconds and compares the determined time with a recommended average. In addition, the number and size of external sources indicated (CSS, images, javascript).
  • Social Bookmarks Checker The social bookmark and check determines the number of social bookmarking a web page on popular social bookmark services.
  • SEO Competition With this nice tool vendor can link two domains against each other competing in an SEO contest. The domains are a self-written algorithm compared to and a winner declared.
  • Cloaking Detection Using the cloaking detector it is possible to imitate another Google browser, website to track the user other than the present content of the search engine.
  • Webmaster Coffee website analysis very useful tool for detailed information (including technical, such as the use WordPress plug-ins) to get. This can also gather some valuable information, which so does the competition.
  • Directory Search Tool from SEO Company This tool shows whether the site is the main catalogs entered into. Unfortunately, all catalogs from the American space mentioned before, but I did not withhold good tool.
  • Bad Neighborhood Checker punished on websites should not link it. With the Bad Neighborhood Checker can own blog about the checks are for.

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