Top 5 Games for Windows Phone 7

Some of the benefits of the new platform is the integration with Xbox Live, which offers the option of downloading games compatible with the terminal, to continue sessions on the phone you've had in the console, see your avatar, the scorecards , save your Gamerscore, among other things.
Although currently there are not many games for the mobile operating system, especially when compared with those already there to IOS, the developers are working to gradually Application Shop Microsoft be filled with them. The guys at IntoMobile have made a ranking with the top 15; we will begin to speak of the top five best. 


1. Flight Control

This game became very popular for iOS and is now available for Windows Phone 7. Presents the same interface as the iPhone version, you can say it is almost the same game. With all the features, the game offers a variety of aircraft and helicopters, several airfields, and tracking statistics. It is available in Windows Phone Marketplace at a price of $ 2.99.

2. Flowerz

Flowerz is an arcade game for Xbox Live that allows us to "plant" flowers to score points. This game, which is very similar to Bejeweled, begins with an open grid with lots of colorful flowers. We present new flowers, one at a time and we have to put them to line up in rows of 3 or more. Once arranged in groups of three, the flowers will disappear and win points. Also available on the App Store platform, but in this case it is for free.

3. Earthworm Jim HD

This classic comes to the Microsoft platform by Gameloft. This set of Xbox Live Arcade has a unique style and a unique history. In the game, you control a super hero on his journey to rescue the princess. It is a two-dimensional game that includes 12 types of enemies, 4 kinds of different games and 16 levels. The game is fun, challenging and highly recommended for casual gamers.

4. Rocket Riot

Rocket Riot is a classic, stylish type 8-bit, shots and two-dimensional view full of surprises. This game has graphics very good, a great story, and a little humor to entertain. The controls are somewhat cumbersome and takes some getting used to, also is expensive ($ 6.99), but their integration with Xbox Live softens the blow.

5. The Harvest

The Harvest is a science fiction game, action RPG where you take the place of a mechanized infantry unit. It has a deep history and some excellent graphics. However, the buttons on the screen are rather small and requires some concentration to handle them properly. It must be said in its favor, which shows the power of Windows Phone as a gaming platform. It is priced at $ 6.99 Phone Windows Marketplace, but there is also a free trial.

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