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Search engine for the PC - including desktop search and file search programs called - are all to a keyword matching files that are stored on the PC. And this is usually instantaneous. The programs take into account not only name, extension and size of files, but also the content and additionally stored information. Such so-called meta-information of music files such as the name of the artist, album, year and style. Images contain additional information in the Exit data, such keywords as "holiday 2005".
Those who have large amounts of text, PDF, MP3 and JPEG files on the PC, are dependent on a search help. Raises only the question: Is from the Windows own search, or special programs are better? PC Magazine has made five free file investigators under the microscope.

Shall work the file scanning programs
Do you want to know about, what songs have you saved by Pink Floyd on the hard drive? Then you need to enter the band name in the search program. Immediately, it lists all the found MP3 files and all text and images that fit this band. Perhaps you will find it even files that have their name or location at first glance does not indicate the British rock band.
This is the principle of special programs search: All desktop search programs index right after installation as their role models on the internet all existing files on the PC. This means that you enter not only the name and location of the file sifts through, but the included text or the meta-information. All found keywords are written in an index database and linked to the source file. Typically, such programs browse the contents of Office files, emails, pure text, PDF, HTML, image, music and video files. In many other file formats, the software is content with the basic properties. For example, program files are not searched content. And even in compressed file archives, there are limits, if any, only ZIP files unzipped and indexed the files (also called indexed). For usual claims are covered by the search programs, file types-sufficient. More specialized jobs, such as searching in Notes databases meet, usually only paid search programs.
Depending on the amount of data and PC performance, the first scan takes several hours. If you use the computer during the initial indexing, you must expect that the action takes much longer. Because the programs will voluntarily reduce their levels of priority and work in the background much more slowly. So not build that delivers a search immediately after the installation of a special program for comprehensive results.
If you have stored many files, it can be worthwhile to run the PC for a night wasted. The next morning, the index is complete in any case. A long indexing time you should not assess critically: A search program that indexes while quickly afterwards but find nothing, you benefit nothing.
All of PC Magazine tested for this guide programs offer the possibility to limit the scope of the indexing sense. Do yourself, the search program and the hard drive a big favor if you use this option immediately after the installation. When subsequent restrictions has indeed created a rule, the entire index. So you should hard drive partitions on which you will never find files completely incompatible, in order not to inflate the index unnecessarily. With the programs in Google Search and Windows Search, you can record the contents of network drives. The file-search programs themselves are not particularly large, and require 8 to 50 MB less disk space. For the index, which is usually stored in the directory of the user profile, you need to be estimated up to 1 percent of the indexed data set. With 1 TB of data, the index quite a few GB in size. How much, depends above all on the file type: video, photo and music files to unbeatable book. The situation is different, though many smaller articles, such as letters, are covered completely.
After the initial index of the power hungry at all tested programs was limited. They claimed 30 to 80 MB of memory and the processor loads in the lower single digits. With Copernic Desktop Home and Exalead One Free Desktop can set the hardware load, Google Desktop, the index can be switched off temporarily.
The search for one or more keywords should only take a few seconds. When viewing the results differed in the file search programs significantly. Google Desktop and Exalead have returned to the standard Internet browser, which the ad is usually somewhat delayed. At Exalead, the results were further filter with many options. Google Desktop offers the program in this respect less opportunities.
The richest display options provided Copernic Desktop Search Home and Windows. The Windows Search displays the results in the Windows Explorer. These programs can be compared with the browser-based competitors make better use of the files found and direct. With Google Desktop, and Exalead, you can load files found only for the file type registered with the standard program or open the appropriate folder storage.

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